New Broadheads for 2021

By Brad KaufmannJanuary 18, 2021

LAST UPDATED: April 26th, 2021

Despite the fact that the ATA show was cancelled this year, we went through the Virtual ATA Show and hand-picked some of the most intriguing new broadheads for 2021. We tried to get a good variety of fixed to mechanical, as well as some new concepts.

In no particular order, here are some of the top new broadheads for 2021…

OzCut Broadheads - Hurricane

The Hurricane by OzCut features patent pending Offset Blade technology, and delivers more accurate broadheads in flight, larger wound channels and bigger blood trails.

Featuring a single bevel, offset blade, the Hurricane is designed to continue to rotate through flesh, providing bigger blood trails and quicker kills in comparison to standard single and double bevel Broadheads.

Weights Available – 100, 125, 150grains

Price – $49.99 pack of 3

Website –

Slick Trick - Assailant

The Assailant is a first in class hybrid-style broadhead with a massive 2 5/8″ total cutting surface. The Assailant features the popular ViperTrick series field-proven chisel-style tip. The broadhead features 1 3/4″ expandable heads and a 7/8″ fixed bleeder blade. 

Building on the profile of the RaptorTrick, the Assailant is designed to deliver precision field-point accuracy. The stainless steel construction delivers on SlickTrick’s commitment to rugged, durable heads.

Weights Available – 100grains

Price – $47.99 pack of 3

They will begin shipping in April and you can find them here –



New Broadheads For 2021

Also new for 2021, Slicktrick launched the SS3. This is Slicktricks first 3-blade broadhead made of solid steel. This broadhead features a 1 1/8″ cutting diameter and .0425 thick blades, coated with black oxide. The non-vented blades are designed for a silent flight. 

Price – MSRP $47.00


Begins shipping mid-March.

Annihilator Broadheads - 125XL & 150XL

The Annihilator Broadheads are made with superior edge retention and insane durability and have a cutting diameter of 1 1/16″. They can be easily field sharpened flat on a stone and reused. The Annihilator’s back-scoop wedge design uniquely puts drag in just the right places for optimal flight stabilization and has zero chance of a mid air failure.

They have a larger cutting surface that punches bigger holes into game, and creates wound channels that don’t seal as easy. These heads are batched within 0.2 grains of each other and designed and manufactured in the USA. Annihilator also offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Weights – 125, 150grains

Price – $54.99 pack of 3

Website –

Innerloc - Devastation

Innerloc’s new Dynamic Blade Control™ system features a patent pending cushioned blade stop that is inserted into the slots behind the blades. When the blades open they contact the cushions lessening the stresses on the assembly. If a blade hits bone, the extra force further crushes the insert allowing that blade to sweep back and easily continue slicing.

This new technology allows for the Massive 2” cut three blade design. The Clip-Loc™ blade retention system has been tweaked for reliability in the fastest bows and crossbows of today and the future. Built out of aluminum and stainless steel and sports .040” thick blades.

Weights – 100, 125, 150grains

Price – $49.99 pack of 3 w/replacement cushion insert material

Website –

Iron Will - Solid Wide Series Broadheads

30% wider than their other heads, Iron Will Wide Broadheads create bigger entry and exit holes and flowing blood trails. For encounters 50 yards and under on medium-sized game like deer, elk and black bear, these broadheads are engineered to hit their mark and hold their edge all the way through the target.

Built to last, they stand behind each broadhead’s performance with their Lifetime Warranty. They have a total cutting diameter of 2 1/8″ with a 1 3/8″ main blade and 3/4″ bleeder blades.

Weights – 150, 175, 200, 225, 250grains

Price – $104.95 – $114.95 pack of 3

Website –

REK Broadheads - Modular Broadhead

Their patent-pending Spring Lock Retention system is a replaceable spring steel locking device that universally holds blades closed for both compounds and crossbows. This system allows the blades to be accidentally snagged, or bumped in hunting scenarios allowing the blades to partially open, and then snap back into the closed position.

Meaning that it takes an actual forward impact for the blades to fully set free of the Spring Lock Retention clip and deploy – once deployed the blades remain open. Needing just 4 pounds of force to deploy the blades ensures that they stay closed in flight, but open on impact every time.

These broadheads are fully interchangeable by simply switching out the blades from the 1.2″ fixed to the 1.8″ expandable.

Weights – 100grains


  • FX (fixed) – $45.99 pack of 3
  • EXP (expandable) – $49.99 pack of 3
  • Fixed Conversion Blades (set of 6) – $19.99
  • Expandable Conversion Kit – $24.99

Website –

Crimson Talon - BattleAxe 125

The Crimson Talon line of mechanical broadheads was engineered to meet the needs of today’s archery equipment and archers. The curved sickle blade technology conserves kinetic energy to penetrate deep, then internally deploys a 2″ cutting path for fast and humane big game knockdown power.

Exclusive inboard center-of-gravity blade geometry keeps blades closed on release and helps deployment during game penetration. And because Crimson Talon mechanicals deploy after the initial penetration of the front 3/4 of the broadhead, deflection is not an issue.

During lab testing, Crimson Talon mechanicals fully deployed 100% of the time regardless of shot angle. Cut on contact tip. Optimized for both crossbows and compound bows. Assembled in America.

Weight – 125grains

Price – $24.95 pack of 3

Website –

Solid Broadheads - Legend 100 & 125

Combining decades of cutting know-how with high-tech engineering results in an incredibly performing high-end broadhead. 

Solid’s are designed from the ground up and the devastation begins with a cut-on-contact tip and curved, samurai-style main blades. Bleeder blades (your choice of 1/2″ or 3/4″) work together to bust through bone. Total cutting diameter is either 1 5/8″ or 1 7/8″.

Weights – 100, 125grains

Price – $129.99 pack of 3

Website –

Cobra Archery - Barbarian MXT & FXT

Cobra Archery has gotten into a few new categories this year with some of their products. They jumped right in with the new mechanical MXT broadhead, and the fixed FXT.

The FXT was designed specifically for high speed bows, and hard hitting crossbows bolts. It’s 100 grains and has a 1 1/4″ cutting diameter with a sharp trocar tip. This durable broadhead was designed with a bone splitting ferrule, and is perfectly balanced.

The MXT broadhead was also designed to work under high speeds, and powerful shots. They use a patent pending blade retention system to hold the blades in place. It comes in 100, 125, or 150 grains. The 100 & 125 grain heads have a 1 1/2″ cutting diameter, and the 150 grain head has a 1 3/4″ cut.

Price – $49.99 (FXT) & $59.99 (MXT)

Website –

RMS Gear - Cutthroat 3 Blade Broadhead

Cutthroat Broadheads are precision CNC machined from one piece of solid high carbon tool steel for the ultimate in durability and consistency. This means no ferrules built from inferior materials prone to bending, no screws, and no failed braze lines or welds.  Cutthroat Broadheads have taken a time tested, proven design and built it with the best tools and processes of the day.

They come with a Lifetime Warranty, have a 1 1/8″ cutting diameter, are made in the USA, and they actually require sharpening by the user before hunting.

Weights – 125, 150, 200grains

Price – $65.99 pack of 3

Website –


Hopefully you found something within this list to fit your broadhead needs, or at least peak your interest.

Let us know which of these broadheads you would try, and which ones you think are the best.

Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a full time employee with He works behind the scenes with both the Bowhunt or Die Webshow, and many of the videos and articles that produces.
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