Mathews V3 Bow Review

By Justin ZarrNovember 17, 2020

With a litany of new and improved features, the 2021 Mathews V3 may be their best hunting bow yet.

New Mathews V3 bow
The V3 is the latest offering from Mathews, featuring a variety of new and improved technologies for 2021.

With the passing of another year, we eagerly await the release of the next wave of hunting bows.  With all the advancements in modern bow technology, how can they keep making them better each year?  

With the release of the 2021 V3, Mathews has once again answered that questions.  A litany of new features and feature improvements makes the V3 their finest flagship hunting bow to date.

Mathews V3 27 vs 31
The new Mathews V3 is available in a 27" model (left) and a 31" model.

2021 Mathews V3 Specs

Much like the last year’s VXR, the Mathews V3 is available in 2 models of varying lengths.  The 27″ model is compact and maneuverable in any situation you can put it in, while the 31 inch model provides added stability and speed that many archers prefer.

Brace Height6″
IBO Rating (27″)Up to 336 fps @29.5″
IBO Rating (31″)Up to 342 fps
Draw Weights60, 65, 70, 75 lbs
Draw Lengths (27″)25″-29.5″
Draw Lengths (31″)26″-30.5″
Let-Off80% or 85%
Physical Weight (27″)4.29 lbs
Physical Weight (31″)4.50 lbs



What's New For This Year?

As the name implies, the V3 is the 3rd generation in this series of hunting bows that began with the Vertix in 2019 and continued with the VXR in 2020.  The V3 builds upon those platforms with some new features and design improvements for 2021.

New Limbs, Limb Cups & Riser Design

Mathews V3 limb cups
An update limb and riser design provides a longer riser for a more stable shooting platform.

The most notable physical changes to the V3 include new limb cups, new limbs with a more aggressive limb angle, and a redesigned riser.  The limb cups on the V3 provide the same stability as before, in a more compact design that helps save some weight.  

With the new limb cup design comes a new limb with a more aggressive angle, and slightly more pre-load as seen by the curved design of the limb while at rest.  This new design allowed Mathews to increase the length of the bow’s riser, while keeping the axle-to-axle length similar to previous offerings.  The increased riser length provides a more stable, accurate platform to shoot from.

Centerguard Cable Containment

Mathews V3 Centerguard Cable Containment
The new Centerguard Cable Containment system places the cable guard in the direct center of the V3.

One of the first things to catch our eye when we unboxed the new Mathews V3 was the Centerguard Cable Containment.  This redesigned cable guard system places the cable guard in the true center of the bow, rather than slightly above it. 

By placing the cable guard in the center of the bow, Mathews was able to optimize cam timing and tunability while increasing vane clearance.

Nano 740 Damper

Mathews V3 Nano 740 damper
The Nano 740 damper has been redesigned to save weight, provide optimal balance and maximize vibration and sound dampening.

Aside from accuracy, stealth is one of Mathews top priorities in the new V3.  The updated riser and limb designs provides the foundation for reduced noise and vibration, and the new Nano 740 damper helps completed the goal.

The new damper is engineered to be smaller and lighter while providing the same, or more, vibration damping power than previous models.  The extended position in front of the riser also helps provide additional balance while at full draw.

New V3 Camo Options

For 2021, Mathews is offering two new camo finish options on the V3.  First Lite Specter and Under Armour All-Season Forest are now available in addition to Realtree Edge, Optifade Subalpine, Optifade Elevated II, Black, Stone, and Ambush Green.

Mathews V3 First Lite Camo
Mathews V3 in First Lite Specter camo.
Mathews V3 Under Armour All Season Camo
Mathews V3 in Under Armour All Season Forest Camo

Mathews V3 - Proven In The Field

Todd Graf with a buck shot with the new Mathews V3
The new Mathews V3 performed flawlessly for President Todd Graf. founder Todd Graf used his Mathews V3 to harvest this great Illinois buck, his second of the 2021 season.  Rather than taking days to get fine-tuned and ready to hunt, Todd had his V3 shooting lights out in minutes, and was ready to hit the woods shortly after putting his first few arrows through it.

In just a few days, Todd was able to notch his 2nd buck of the season with a well-placed shot from the V3. 

Continued Performance

While there is a lot of great new technology packed into the V3, it also features a variety of time-tested and proven technologies which help make this a great hunting bow.

Crosscentric Cams w/SwitchWeight Technology

This cam system has proven itself to be incredibly accurate, powerful, easy to tune and with SwitchWeight technology, shooters can alter the peak draw weight of their bow by simply changing cam modules.  No bow press needed.

Silent Connect System

Introduced in 2020, the SCS is an available option on the V3 that enables hunters to attach a Mathews Genuine bow rope or bow sling quickly and silently.


Mathews V3 in tree
The new Mathews V3 is the latest in a long line of proven performers.

Final Thoughts on the Mathews V3

When I first got my VXR in 2019, I didn’t think it was possible to make that bow any better.  In fact, it may still go down in history as one of my favorite bows of all time.

However, the V3 has taken all of the things that make the VXR great, and made them better.  The redesigned riser looks awesome and provides added stability at full draw.  The new Nano 740 damper is smaller and lighter, while still providing the same zero-shock feeling on the shot.

I found this bow incredibly easy to set up and tune, deadly accurate, and a solid candidate to replace my VXR at the top of the pile when the arrows are done flying.

Make sure you visit your local Mathews retailer and shoot one for yourself!


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