Magnetic Rangefinder Pouch by AGC

By Justin ZarrNovember 8, 20221 Comment

There is a lot of really cool hunting gear out there.  The type of stuff that sends people clamoring for their credit card, convinced that this is the product that’s been missing from their repertoire all these years.  The products that are the secret to their future success or the status symbol that will have all their buddies green with envy. 

Generally speaking, rangefinder pouches aren’t included in this category.  And while they may not be the most glamorous thing in the world, these handy receptacles are something every bowhunter should look to add to their arsenal.

Magnetic Rangefinder Pouch By Agc
Are they the flashiest thing in the woods? No. But they sure are handy!

Before you decide to get a handy-dandy pouch to carry your expensive rangefinder, you’re going to need something to strap it to.  My recommendation is one of the many high-quality bino harnesses made by the fine folks at Alaska Guide Creations.  The Kodiak CUB and Ravus are my go-to harnesses.

This year I added the forward-opening magnetic rangefinder pouch to my Ravus harness, and I’m low-key in love with this thing.  It can be secured to either the left or right side of your harness, depending on preference, keeps your rangefinder covered and secured, and includes two spots for attaching a tether in case you drop it. 

And since my Ravus harness pack contains my binoculars, deer tags, release, wind checker, face paint, spare carabiner, and my Burt’s Bees lip balm, I never go to the woods without it.  Which means I never have to look for my rangefinder.

So no, it’s not a glamorous product that range finds and shoots the deer for you.  But it’s something that’s incredibly handy and that every bowhunter should have.  The Magnetic Rangefinder Pouch retails for $33.99 and can be purchased directly from Alaska Guide Creations.

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