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Darton FireForce
Darton FireForce The all new FireForce from Darton has larger axles, sealed oversized Quad Ball Bearings, wide/stronger laminated Quad limbs and a compact front riser. The DualSync cams will give you added performance and accuracy. The FireForce has an integrated riser/st...
By Bow Staff | Feb 10, 2012 | Read the full story
Darton Archery DS-3900
Darton Archery DS-3900 New for 2012 from Darton Archery is the DS-3900. This new bow is a compact version of the DS-3800, with some unique features. It’s new lighter riser is equipped with EET Laminated Quad Limbs, which power the DualSync Cams for maximum speed and efficiency....
By Bow Staff | Feb 10, 2012 | Read the full story
Darton Serpent
Darton Serpent The all new Darton Serpent has a lighter feel and sleeker look. The new trigger-forward design allows for a longer power stroke, giving you more power and better blanace. T...
By Bow Staff | Jan 6, 2011 | Read the full story
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