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Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

by Bow Staff 22. September 2010 09:42
Bow Staff

Love them or hate them, crowssbows are apart of today's archery world.  Love them or hate them, their technology astounding.  The Buck Commander by Barnett Crossbows is a prime example of modern technology impacting the archery world.  The all new Barnett Buck Commander shoots 365 FPS with a 14 inch power stroke and packs 126 ft. pounds of energy. It comes with Barnsdale laminated limbs encapsulated with Barnett's AVi technology to reduce the noise 20-30 percent. The Buck Commander features an aluminum flight rail, Barnett's Whiplash Cams combined with "Crosswire" Strings and Cables providing for a faster quieter more precise shot. Its patented shoot through foot stirrup allows for more power with a more compact fit. The crossbow comes with our new ADF trigger system. In addition the all new Barnett Illuminated 3x32 multi-reticle red/green dot sight allows you to have the illumination of a red dot sight with the efficiency and accuracy of a multi-reticle scope. The Buck Commander truly is a leap ahead in crossbow power and performance.


  • Velocity- 365 fps
  • Draw Weight- 175 lbs
  • Energy- 126 ft. lbs
  • Power Stroke- 14 in.
  • Weight- 8.9 lbs.
  • Length- 36.25 in.
  • Width- 24 in.
  • Arrow Length- 22 in.


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