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Mid-January Fighting Bucks Caught on Trailcamera

by Mike Willand 18. January 2012 13:28
Mike WillandProStaff member Mike Willand captures over 150 images of a buck battle in mid-January while snow blanketed the earth. [More]

Big Buck Down - The Taking of a Mock Scrape Buck

by Mike Willand 22. November 2011 15:00
Mike WillandBowhunter, Mike Willand, takes a mid-November whitetail over one of his mock scrapes. [More]

Illinois Buck Down - In Season Scouting Pays Off

by Mike Willand 26. October 2011 16:58
Mike WillandIllinois bowhunter Mike Willand takes you on a journey into the woods to find a antlered deer! [More]

Hunting Deer Scrapes Part 2 - Creating a Mock Scrape

by Mike Willand 27. September 2011 13:07
Mike WillandStep by step instructions when setting up and creating a mock scrape. [More]

Bow Seasons Opening Day

by Mike Willand 31. August 2011 14:55
Mike WillandA powerful narrative taking you into the opening day of archery season. [More]

Hunting Deer Scrapes Part 1 - The Planning of a Mock-Scrape

by Mike Willand 13. April 2011 14:39
Mike WillandA five-part series on effectively planning, creating, and hunting scrapes - both man made and deer made. [More]

Hunting Forums- Joining in on the Conversation

by Mike Willand 28. February 2011 04:18
Mike WillandFinding friends who share your passion for the outdoors is no easy task- particularly for some of us unfortunate souls who spend our days working and living within the confines of America’s largest cities. This includes yours truly, and I am hoping some of you. So, how is it we can meet more l... [More]

Are Coyotes Killing YOUR Deer?

by Mike Willand 4. February 2011 04:53
Mike WillandDeer season over? Maybe it’s time you grab a weapon and take a closer look at coyote hunting. They may be more harmful than you think. Recent data collected by various organizations has come to the astounding conclusion that coyotes are much more responsible for the predation of deer than onc... [More]

CWD Confirmed in Minnesota Whitetail.

by Mike Willand 1. February 2011 13:07
Mike WillandThe first confirmed case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has just been confirmed in Minnesota by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa. The deer was taken by a hunter in November of 2010 near Pine Island, located in the southeastern part of the state. State of Minnesota Wild... [More]
Categories: Blog | Bowhunting Blogs

Introduction of a Bowhunter.

by Mike Willand 14. January 2011 01:48
Mike WillandI’m back! No two words that when strung together could help exemplify my feeling of rejoice any more than these after rejoining my friends here at Bowhunting.Com in the media I so actively love, blogging.  Not just blogging about any old thing either, but of bowhunting and whitetails -two... [More]
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Shed Antler Hunting heats up in March!

by Mike Willand 8. March 2009 14:51
Mike WillandShed antler hunting can sometimes best be described as a search for a needle in a haystack, a really big haystack! We all try it, or make our best attempts to, with sometimes great and/or limited success. But why? Why are some shed hunters so very successful at this new found pastime and others so, ... [More]

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