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NAP 2 Blade Bloodrunner REVIEW - My Turkey Broadhead of Choice

by John Mueller 14. March 2012 14:50
John MuellerIn my opinion huge expandable broadheads were made for turkey hunting. The NAP Bloodrunner is my choice this season. [More]

Late Winter Is The Best Time To Scout Your Deer Woods

by John Mueller 22. February 2012 11:49
John MuellerThere are many reasons to scout during the late winter. Here are my favorites [More]

Canon XA10 Video Camera Review

by John Mueller 31. December 2011 08:26
John MuellerCheck out my thoughts on the Canon XA10 Video Camera after using it for the 2011 season. [More]

Smoking-My New Favorite Cooking Method

by John Mueller 14. December 2011 14:32
John MuellerMy first project in my new smoker was a venison backstrap. Smoking is now my favorite method of cooking. [More]

Shot Placement-The Key to Finding Your Deer

by John Mueller 30. November 2011 15:40
John MuellerEvery year we see way to many, "I hit a deer, now what?" threads. Follow these three rules and we can eliminate a good number of them. [More]

The Highs and Lows of Self Filming

by John Mueller 7. November 2011 14:11
John MuellerJoin prostaffer John Mueller on the roller coaster ride of capturing his hunt for a nice buck on video. [More]

ScentBlocker's Mathews Solo XLT Camouflage Review

by John Mueller 26. October 2011 14:05
John MuellerGet an indepth review of ScentBlockers Solo XLT Camouflage from The Mathews Collection of clothing. [More]

Bowhunting Your Food Sources at the Right Time

by John Mueller 12. October 2011 11:45
John MuellerThere are many food sources to consider when bowhunting whitetail deer. This will explain which ones to key in on at what times of the season. [More]

Opening Weekend Success IL Doe Down

by John Mueller 5. October 2011 10:15
John MuellerJoin prostaffer John Mueller for his opening weekend of the 2011 Illinois bow season. [More]

Coyote with Bow - Not How I Pictured the Start of My Deer Season

by John Mueller 25. September 2011 05:58
John MuellerI had been dreaming about the start of the 2011 bow season all summer. This is not how any of my dreams turned out. [More]

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Review

by John Mueller 30. August 2011 13:16
John MuellerIf you're in the market for a new Hang On Stand, check out the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On. [More]

Meet ProStaff Member John Muellers Target Buck - Bakers Dozen

by John Mueller 18. August 2011 14:48
John MuellerIt was a slow summer for getting big bucks on trail camera until "Baker's Dozen" showed up. [More]

TRUGLO TRU-TEC Quiver Review

by John Mueller 26. July 2011 14:04
John MuellerThe Truglo Tru-Tec Quiver has just about every feature I look for in a quiver and a few extra ones that make it stand out from the crowd. [More]

My 2011 Bowhunting Rig

by John Mueller 11. July 2011 13:09
John MuellerI have my 2011 Mathews ez7 all set up and ready to hunt. See what accessories I'm using this year. [More]

My Summer Food Plots are Making Progress

by John Mueller 30. June 2011 13:36
John MuellerCheck out the growth on my summer food plots after about 6 weeks of growth. [More]

Planting Food Plots - What Works for Me

by John Mueller 26. May 2011 13:50
John MuellerI'll share some things I've learned while planting 5 acres of food plots the last few years. [More]

Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips and Tactics

by John Mueller 27. April 2011 13:41
John MuellerHunting Morels is much like hunting Monster Bucks. It seems like some guys have all of the luck and all of the best ground to hunt. [More]

Bowfishing, Come Join The Fun

by John Mueller 21. April 2011 15:55
John MuellerBowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the industry. On reason is because it's just plain fun. [More]
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New Bow Review: First Impressions of the Mathews ez7

by John Mueller 21. March 2011 14:11
John MuellerAfter shooting my new Mathews ez7 for a few days, there are a few things I really like about this bow. [More]

Prepare Now To Kill Your Whitetail Buck Next Fall

by John Mueller 7. February 2011 15:05
John MuellerThere are many things you can do now that will help you put your tag on a Big Buck next Bow Hunting Season. [More]

Bushnell Improves The Trophy Cam

by John Mueller 24. January 2011 14:22
John MuellerBushnell added some new and amazing features to their trail cameras this year. [More]

Lone Wolf Treestands - Back in the USA

by John Mueller 17. January 2011 12:25
John MuellerAfter shipping the production of their stands overseas last year, Lone Wolf has learned their lesson and their stands are now 100% made in the USA again. [More]

ATA Manufacturers Turning Their Attention to Women

by John Mueller 8. January 2011 13:30
John MuellerWomen have asking for their own hunting clothes for years. It appears someone has finally heard them. [More]

ATA Day 2 Bowhunting Release Roundup

by John Mueller 8. January 2011 02:14
John MuellerCheck out the new and old favorite releases. [More]

2011 ATA Show Day 1

by John Mueller 6. January 2011 12:06
John MuellerI am exhausted from day 1 of the ATA Show. Hereare some of the new and interesting products I spied at the show today. Mountain Mikes Reproduction Skulls Dipped in camo Tink's scent dripper Viper Archery Lost Camo sight with micro adjust. And the new Bowtech Invasion Bow Much more cov... [More]
Categories: Bowhunting Blogs

The Curse Continues

by John Mueller 3. January 2011 14:50
John MuellerIt has been a very tough bowhunting season for me this season. This is just the latest chapter. [More]

You Pick My Stand This Weekend

by John Mueller 15. December 2010 14:28
John MuellerOk, here's your chance to pick the stand I hunt from this weekend. Since I can't seem to pick the right one to be in, I'm going to let you pick the spot. I'll post some arieal pictures and a topo of my property and give you a little information on each area and then you tell me where to sit. &... [More]

Outfitters....The Best Thing For Deer Hunting?

by John Mueller 29. November 2010 13:26
John MuellerIn my opinion, outfitters would make great deer hunting neighbors. [More]

2010 Bowhunting Season In Pictures.....So Far

by John Mueller 15. November 2010 13:57
John MuellerMy season of bowhunting as told with pictures [More]

Bowhunting Myths and Things I've Learned

by John Mueller 3. November 2010 11:27
John MuellerI'll try to expose what I feel to be Whitetail Myths and explain some of what I have learned over the years. [More]

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