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Wyoming Antelope Hunting Success

by Dan Schafer 31. August 2011 14:32
Dan SchaferIt can be hard to get in the right mindset for a hunt when the temperature is in the mid 90s, but the mood can change quickly once you start seeing your quarry. [More]

Countdown to Wyoming Antelope Hunting

by Dan Schafer 11. August 2011 17:33
Dan SchaferThe days seem to get longer and longer as we approach our Wyoming Antelope hunt. Good friends and great hunting will make the trip that much sweeter when it does get here. [More]

Kill Plots The Other Food Plot

by Dan Schafer 6. July 2011 18:31
Dan SchaferWhen it comes to food plots, sometimes less can be more. Here we explore the selection, preparation and hunting of what I like to call a kill plot. [More]

Naming Your Bucks

by Dan Schafer 31. May 2011 19:29
Dan SchaferNaming bucks has different meanings for different people. Not only does it show respect for the animal, but it also can be fun to come up with creative names. [More]

G5 Optix XR Bow Sight Review

by Dan Schafer 11. April 2011 17:11
Dan SchaferLooking for a new bow sight? Put the G5 Optix on your list of sights to check out. Its easy to use, lightweight and very high quality. [More]

Has Net Scoring of Whitetail Bucks Lost its Place?

by Dan Schafer 22. February 2011 15:42
Dan SchaferHas the current net scoring system lost its place in the bowhunting world? I believe there is a much more fair scoring system and one that gives the whitetail bucks the credit they deserve. [More]

NAP QuickFletch-My Take

by Dan Schafer 20. January 2011 17:33
Dan SchaferMy take and review on the easy to use NAP QuickFletch vane system. [More]

Wisconsin Late Season Bowhunting Success - The Perfect 12

by Dan Schafer 16. January 2011 18:15
Dan SchaferNick Schafer it able to take a big 6x6 during the WI late season archery hunt with only two days left. [More]

Some Bucks Shedding Antlers Already

by Dan Schafer 14. December 2010 09:50
Dan SchaferSome bucks in the Upper Midwest are already shedding antlers. [More]

Illinois Doe With Antlers?

by Dan Schafer 28. November 2010 15:22
Dan SchaferCould this be an antlered doe in full velvet? [More]

Back From Bowhunting Ontario, On to Illinois

by Dan Schafer 3. November 2010 15:22
Dan SchaferHeading back to bowhunt the great state of Illinois [More]

The Perfect Trail Camera Picture?

by Dan Schafer 12. October 2010 03:39
Dan SchaferThe perfect Trail Camera Picture? [More]

DLC Covert II Assassin Trail Camera Review

by Dan Schafer 9. September 2010 15:16
Dan SchaferDLC Covert II Assassin Trail Camera Review [More]

A Late Season Date With an Illinois Giant

by Dan Schafer 3. December 2009 22:20
Dan SchaferJohnny and I lost the first few rounds with this Illinois giant, but we still have a lot of fight left in us! [More]

Second trip of the season to Illinois-Developing a hit list

by Dan Schafer 8. November 2009 08:06
Dan SchaferOur second trip of the season was full of rain and down time, but we were able to get a few pics of some great bucks with our trail cams. [More]

An Illinois doe for Polly

by Dan Schafer 5. November 2009 22:47
Dan SchaferOur first trip of the season was full of challenges, but Johnny was able to connect on a mature doe for our landowner and good friends Carl and Polly. [More]

Wisconsin Archery Bear Hunting Success

by Dan Schafer 8. October 2009 15:05
Dan SchaferAfter a seven year wait, Wisconsin bear hunter John Herrmann was finally able to draw a coveted fall tag. Putting a tag on a big bruin made every second of those seven years worth it. [More]

The Bear Hunting Necessities

by Dan Schafer 13. September 2009 19:03
Dan SchaferBear Crazy? Here's a few gear tips and bear hunting tricks that will help put a big bruin in your lap this fall. [More]

The Bear Hunting Necessities

by Dan Schafer 13. September 2009 13:03
Dan SchaferBear Crazy? Here's a few gear tips and bear hunting tricks that will help put a big bruin in your lap this fall. [More]

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