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Food Plot Stand Location Tips

by Cody Altizer 16. May 2012 04:32
Cody AltizerIn this article I touch on some information, tips, strategies and personal experiences with respect to hunting over, around, and near food plots. [More]

An Introduction to Outdoor Photography

by Cody Altizer 30. March 2012 09:19
Cody AltizerIt was that time of year that deer hunters across the country dream about; mid-November, overcast, temperatures in the upper 30s and a little breezy.  The weather was perfect.  I was set up downwind of a sanctuary that I knew several bucks felt comfortable moving in and out of during the d... [More]

Are Burmese Pythons Killing YOUR Deer?

by Cody Altizer 13. February 2012 14:56
Cody AltizerBurmese Pythons are dramatically decreasing the number of wildlife in the Florida Everglades, and that includes whitetail deer. [More]
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Saying Goodbye to the 2011 Bow Season

by Cody Altizer 16. January 2012 11:34
Cody AltizerIn this blog I simply reminisce about a couple of my favorite hunts from the 2011 season, those that didn't end with the harvesting of a whitetail. [More]

ATA Show Day 2 Live Update

by Cody Altizer 11. January 2012 06:53
Cody AltizerA live update from the 2012 ATA Show showcases a couple of cool new products that caught my eye; namely, the Lone Wolf "Flip-Top" Climber and the NAP Apache Carbon Arrow Rest. [More]

Day One Update from the 2012 ATA Show

by Cody Altizer 10. January 2012 07:16
Cody AltizerA live update from the 2012 ATA Show! [More]

Persistence Pays - Big Buck Down in Virginia

by Cody Altizer 5. December 2011 17:24
Cody AltizerAfter a slow beginning to the 2011 season, I was able to turn the tables in my favor with a lot of hard work, persistence, and good fortune. [More]

A Buck Named Clyde: A Testament to Food Plots, QDM and Mock Scrapes

by Cody Altizer 3. December 2011 09:39
Cody AltizerMock scrapes, Quality Deer Management and Food Plots all played a key role in my brother, Damin, harvesting the biggest buck to ever come off our property. [More]

Hunting Food Plots: Experiences and Lessons Learned

by Cody Altizer 15. October 2011 11:38
Cody AltizerAfter a long off season preparing food plots for this season, I was finally able to hunt them opening week. I got in three good hunts and authored this blog to share my experiences and the lessons I learned along the way. [More]

Humbling Beginning to My 2011 Bowhunting Season

by Cody Altizer 5. October 2011 07:17
Cody AltizerOpening weekend in Virginia brought beautiful fall colors, shooter bucks captured on Stealth Cam, a shot opportunity at a doe, but unfortunately no deer recovered. [More]

Bowhunting - The Game of Choices

by Cody Altizer 21. September 2011 13:23
Cody AltizerHow making the right choices when bowhunting is what ultimately decides whether or not you will have a successful hunt. [More]

Final Food Plot Preparations and Whitetail Photography

by Cody Altizer 25. August 2011 11:06
Cody AltizerWith just a little over a month before opening day of the 2011 archery season, I am killing time by planting fall food plots and taking pictures of the local whitetails. [More]

Gamehide Elimi Tick Clothing Review

by Cody Altizer 22. August 2011 05:10
Cody AltizerAs many serious bowhunters know, bowhunting for whitetails isn’t a sport that one can be consistently successful at by simply walking into the woods each fall and hoping for the best.  It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work.  This means spending time year round in the woods she... [More]

Hanging Deer Stands and Glassing for Velvet Bucks

by Cody Altizer 23. July 2011 15:24
Cody AltizerThis coming fall will be my seventh season bowhunting for whitetails, and I have learned quite a bit about the sport during that time, and still have a lot to learn.  One thing I have learned is that there are no certainties in the whitetail woods.  That being said, however, I have come to... [More]

Lone Wolf Portable Treestands Best Treestand for Bowhunters

by Cody Altizer 20. June 2011 05:51
Cody AltizerIn this blog I describe and analyze the simplistic effectiveness of Lone Wolf Portable Treestands- the best treestands in the world! [More] Get Together Archery and Fun Shoot Update

by Cody Altizer 11. June 2011 07:41
Cody AltizerThe 3rd Annual Get Together Archery and Fun Shoot is officially underway and I can, without an ounce of doubt, state that this is by far our biggest and best event ever.  Well over 100 bowhunting enthusiasts from across the country showed up this morning in Garden Prairie, Illino... [More]

2011 Hunting Network Sponsor's Meeting

by Cody Altizer 10. June 2011 17:07
Cody AltizerThis blog highlights the new products from our sponsors including NAP, Lone Wolf Portable Treestands, Pine Ridge Archery, Tink's, and Monster Raxx. [More]

Food Plot Strategies and Food Plot Maintenance

by Cody Altizer 29. May 2011 10:31
Cody AltizerIn this blog I make a bold prediction concerning the success of my opening day in Virginia as well as touching on some food plot maintenance tips and information. [More]

Spring Forward Your Bowhunting Career

by Cody Altizer 12. April 2011 14:55
Cody AltizerSpring is a great time to focus on several aspects of bowhunting, but this blog contains 4 topics rarely discussed that could positively affect your bowhunting success. [More]

Habitat Management: Using a Chainsaw to Create Bedding Cover for Your Deer

by Cody Altizer 3. March 2011 08:10
Cody AltizerThis blog includes helpful tips and information on how the use of a chainsaw can increase the bedding cover on your property as well as how to manipulate deer movement this fall. [More]

NAP Broadheads: Designed to Kill

by Cody Altizer 10. February 2011 03:59
Cody AltizerSeveral positive experiences with NAP broadheads during the 2010 bowhunting season has given me full confidence using their broadheads. [More]

Bowhunting Internship Is Over- Until Next Time Illinois!

by Cody Altizer 28. January 2011 10:41
Cody Altizer The afternoon of September 17, 2010 found me sitting in a treestand in Northern Illinois, dripping with sweat from the late summer heat and fighting off nasty mosquitoes left and right.  I had just finished hanging a second treestand on a piece of property Todd Graf allowed to hunt, and remem... [More]

Jim Shockey- Meeting One of the Industry's Most Genuine Bowhunters

by Cody Altizer 7. January 2011 13:38
Cody AltizerA blog tribute to Jim Shockey. [More]

2011 ATA Show Update- Day 2 Features New Bowhunting Gear

by Cody Altizer 7. January 2011 10:44
Cody AltizerDay Two of the 2011 ATA Show was just as much fun as the first and I met a couple cool celebrities and learned about some new products as well. [More]

Archery Trade Show Update- Day 1

by Cody Altizer 6. January 2011 08:30
Cody Altizer  There were many things I was looking forward to when I decided to move to Northern Illinois and work at the office during the fall.  For one, I was excited to be able to hunt big, Midwestern deer with my bow for an entire season.  Secondly, I was looking forward ... [More]

2011 ATA Show Begins!

by Cody Altizer 5. January 2011 16:39
Cody Altizer The 2011 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana officially kicked off this afternoon with the Outtech Innovations Party.  The ATA Show is one of the biggest and most inclusive hunting shows of the year and it really couldn’t come at a better time, as several of the hunters and manufacturers I... [More]

Bowhunting Insight; What Are You Giving Back?

by Cody Altizer 30. December 2010 07:50
Cody Altizer With the Christmas Holiday still fresh in our minds, we certainly feel a sense of gratitude and thankfulness for the time spent with family and the gifts we received.  Often times, however, we forget about what we gave and how those gifts impact other’s lives.  Unfortunately, t... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 9 Recap

by Cody Altizer 13. December 2010 05:10
Cody Altizer As the cold, blustery days slowly inch towards the end of the calendar year, so the hunting gets tougher for whitetail enthusiasts across the country.  For the first time this season, Bowhunt or Die went live with an episode that did not feature one of our team members harvestin... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 8 Recap

by Cody Altizer 7. December 2010 03:34
Cody Altizer After taking a week off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Bowhunt or Die! returned for Episode 8 of its inaugural season.  While our team spent Thanksgiving being thankful for friends, family and good food, the whitetails across the country were thankful our hunters weren’t out... [More]

Thankful for Bowhunting Home, Time With Family

by Cody Altizer 30. November 2010 02:27
Cody Altizer If you have followed my blog throughout the 2010 hunting season, you certainly know how much I am enjoying my time in the upper Midwest.  Whether it be chasing these giant whitetails with bow in hand or behind the camera filming Justin Zarr and Todd Graf and their hunts, I’ve thorou... [More]

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