Whitetail Deer Hunting

Take a look into the challenging, unforgiving world of hunting whitetail deer. Here there are tons of videos of both crazy things that might not happen ever again, to the best shots and most compelling chases in the sport.

Dan Schafer's 2008 Illinois Buck

After 10 days of hunting hard in Illinois Bowhunting.com staffer Dan Schafer and his cameraman John Hermann were finally able to connect on this nice Illinois buck.  Dan and John are excited about this hunting property and are anxious to get back

Droptine Divas Score in Wisconsin!

The Droptine Divas are a group of dedicated female bowhunters who are as serious about chasing big whitetails as anyone we know.  Come along with Tara as she harvests her first whitetail on film.

Josh Fletcher - Opening Weekend in Wisconsin

Josh Fletcher headed into the woods with his bow and his cameraman on opening weekend to see if he could get some meat for the freezer.  After a few close encounters, find out how Josh's weekend ended up.

Todd Graf - Wisconsin Bowhunting Week 3

Week 3 of the 2009 Wisconsin archery season found Todd Graf back in his favorite early-season honey hole looking for a glimpse at a mature buck.  He had a lot of action and saw some great deer, so check it out!

Josh Fletcher Late September Wisonsin Bowhunting

Warm temperatures, thick foliage, and a healthy acorn crop is really subduing deer movement, but staff member Josh Fletcher is still persistent when it comes to bowhunting for Wisconsin whitetails.

Josh Fletcher Doe Miss - October 2009

After 3 weeks of hunting hard staff member Josh Fletcher finally gets an opportunity to harvest a doe on film.  Unfortunately for Josh, he was a little off his mark!

Justin Zarr October 10th Doe Harvest

After a rough start to the weekend, Justin Zarr and Mike Willand finally get set up on a new piece of property and are able to seal the deal on a nice Illinois doe.  Check out this great hunt from two of the better looking guys on the Bowhunt

Todd Graf October 10th Doe Harvest

Proving yet again that he knows how to put down some deer, Bowhunting.com President Todd Graf puts a perfect shot on this Illinois doe.  Unfortunately Todd's video skills aren't quite as good as his shooting skills, but always we make th
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