The Pre-Season

The preseason is the time to get ready for the madness; that means hanging stands, laying out minerals, setting up cameras, and tracking trails and scrapes.

The Pre-Season Bow Physical!

Some people let their bows sit for months. Before you head out for the season, its a good idea to check and make sure everything is in working order!

Creating Shooting Lanes

A Georgia bow hunter tells us how he prepares his shooting lanes in the preseason, and how he uses them effectively!

Pre-Season Planning in Late July

With temperatures in the mid 90's, Justin Zarr and new camera man Jeremy Enders head down to their property to set up some treestands before the season. Lesson learned: Set up treestands and other before the summer heat comes!

Preseason Planning: Treestands and Velvet

Mike Willand and Justin Zarr go to Northwestern Illinois to prepare the property for the upcoming season. Along with setting up tree stands and putting some no trespassing, Mike gets some good footage of a nice buck in velvet!

Giant Illinois Buck in Velvet customer Richie Music was able to capture some incredible velvet footage of this monster Illinois whitetail that he will be pursuing this fall.