Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer are a unique animal and hunting them is a rare treat few get to indulge upon. Watch hunts that you won’t be able to tear your eyes from!

No Excuses - Ep. 2

ORG Hunter continues the struggle to down a nice buck. He's hunting hard, and you can tell he's wiped.

Harvesting a Whitetail, and Virgo the Muley

Solid FIY (film it yourself) equipment brings you proof of how cool it can be to film your own hunts - how easy it can be too! This hunter takes a nice whitetail and a big muley he's been head hunting for a while; The one they call Virgo...

13 Year Old PRO - Second Muley of the Year!

I think we will be seeing this young man on TV very soon! He puts a 40 yard poke on a 150 Alberta buck, and handles himself flawlessly in front of the camera! Oh - and it's his SECOND buck of the year by the way...

No Excuses - Ep. 1

CEi brings to you a mini series DIY hunt for Mule Deer. Follow this hunter in his quest for a bruiser.