Crazy Videos

Fawns Swimming in pools, drunks petting rabid moose, mother deer beating up on dogs and cats. This is the stuff that never happens twice.

Boomerang-Fishing... Ya...

Well if you're too much of a man to use a rod for fishing, much less a bow. Than perhaps a spear or a boomerang is more down your alley.

Ah, Ya... Being Young...

These young hunters compiled a video of stupid things that have happened to them during their hunting excursions together. From arrows falling out of the bow in front of a deer, to shooting the nut out of a squirrels hand with a rifle...

She's Callin' Us Out, Man!

Do you do any of these things? Because this hunters got a list of the stupid things that bowhunters do or say.

Dangerous Cape Buffalo Attack!

Hunting Cape Buffalo is dangerous enough, but getting close enough to kill it (hopefully) with a bow is nearly insane. During this hunters archery safari, a Cape Buffalo charges the party.

Texas Humor

This hog hunter throws arrows and jokes all too well.

Cherry Snow Cones!

This bowhunter puts a nice shot on a doe, but what makes it even better is the call to his buddy at the end! Remember, cherry snow cones are the best kind!