Product Reviews

Watch these expert gear reviews from the Bowhunting.com staff and find out the detailed information you’ve been looking for. From bows and broadheads to trail cameras and treestands we review it all.

Hooyman Saw Review

Todd Graf shows off the goods and bads of the new Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw, one of the hottest selling items in the Bowhunting.com shopping cart.

Lanemaker Ratcheting Pruners

These great pruners from Treehopper LLC are extremely well built, sharp, and are a must-have for bowhunters serious about using the best gear.

Muddy Outdoors Climbing Sticks

These new climbing sticks from Muddy Outdoors are lightweight, packable, and feature an innovative new rope latching mechanism with no metal buckles to make noise during setup.

Arrow Rest Installation Tools

With a combination of simple tools installing and tuning your own arrow rest can be extremely easy for the do-it-yourself archer.  Here Bowhunting.com staff member Justin Zarr and Paul Mazur show how easy it is to install and tune an Octane Hosta

Lil' Tugger Deer Drag

The Lil' Tugger deer drag is a handy product that every bowhunter should carry in the field with them.  The adjustability of the shoulder straps and extended length of the drag provide additional leverage when dragging your trophy back to the

Huntmore 360 Stool Review

Todd checks out the new Huntmore 360 stool.  This cool new product really is the ultimate stool for ground hunting whether you're in a blind or not.

Arrow Tuning Made Easy

With a few simple tools any archer can now check the alignment of their broadheads with the Pine Ridge Archery Arrow Inspector, and use the G5 Arrow Squaring Device to ensure proper alignment of your inserts, nocks, and heads.

NAP BloodRunner Review

Without a doubt one of the hottest new products to hit the market in 2009, the Blood Runner from NAP.  This broadhead combines the best of both worlds - both a fixed blade head as well as an expandable.  Todd Graf shows us the h

Pole Mountain Bow Legs

Bowhunting.com staff member Justin Zarr reviews the Pole Mountain Outdoors bow legs, a great bowhunting accessory for bowhunters who enjoy hunting from ground blinds.