Bowhunt or Die ®

Season 1

The first season of Bowhunt or Die follows our team through the 2010 bow hunting season. Even with a slow “trickle rut” the team managed to put down over a dozen great whitetail bucks, a bucket full of does, and even a few antelope to start the season off. For some great bowhunting video action you don’t want to miss the premiere season of Bowhunt or Die!

Episode 08: Lake County Buck!

join the staff as they put bucks down in Illinois and Wisconsin! You aren't going to want to miss this episode!

Episode 06: The Rut Begins

The rut is here and the bucks are finally on their feet! In this week’s episode: -Richie Music puts down his 2nd buck of the season from the same treestand. -Todd Graf hunts both Illinois and Wisconsin and has several close encounters with some nice whitetails. -Justin Zarr continues his quest to harvest a nice […]

Episode 01: Illinois Opener

Follow the pro staff as they set out to lay down a nice whitetail as the 2010 Illinois season begins!
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