Bowfishing’s New World Record Grass Carp

May 29, 2015by Bowhunting Contributor
Bryan Hughes is no stranger to shooting big Alabama fish with his bow. In fact, he’s made it his business to shoot big chunky fish with archery equipment and help others across the country do the same. Hughes started Backwater Outdoors in Gurley, AL as a way to do what he loves for a living. […]

Finger vs. Thumb Release

May 18, 2015by Mark Huelsing
The index-finger or caliper style, wrist strap release is by far the most common release aid used by bow hunters. I haven’t hunted with one in years. Why? Because I discovered the many benefits of a handheld, thumb-trigger release. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great things about a typical wrist strap release: they […]