Bowhunting News

Rutt Wipe Signs on With Jimmy Big Time

1 min
Rutt Wipe Blaze Orange Toilet Paper Wraps a Deal with the Original Scripted Comedy Jimmy Big Time. Pine Wood, MN - Rutt Wipe, Inc., innovators of the original blaze orange toilet paper that protects your assets, signs a big time deal with Jimmy Big Ti

Ted Nugent Endorses Mitt Romney for Republican Candidate

2 Min Read
The ‘Motor-city Madman’, Ted Nugent, announced his official endorsement of Mitt Romney as Republican candidate for president via tweet earlier this month:"After a long heart & soul conversation with Mitt Romney, I concluded this good man will properly rep

Caught on TrailCamera - Single Bobcat Takes Down Adult Deer

1 min
This latest batch of photos hasn’t drawn the same attention from whitetail hunters (likely because it doesn’t involve a big buck), they do show an adult deer being taken by a bobcat, one of nature’s most prolific hunters. Furthering the proof recent stud

NEW Spray Kills Lyme Disease Carrying Tick

1 Min Read
Unlike synthetic pesticides which can become harmful to humans and other beneficial insects, this new natural pesticide is derived from a strain of fungus found in the soil and is proven to kill the deer tick, the insect that carries Lyme disease.

The NEW Barnett Penetrator Crossbow

1 Min Read
The Barnett Penetrator The Penetrator Crossbow by Barnett is designed to do exactly what its name implies. This powerful and deadly bow delivers bone-crunching penetration with the pinpoint accuracy necessary for more success in the field.

Knight and Hale Introduces the Hale Fire Turkey Call

1 min
If imitation is the best form of flattery, then gobblers will be elated with the Hale Fire gobble call…or will they? Knight and Hale is the first to accomplish this feat with the new Hale Fire gobble call.The Hale Fire is a single reed call that even a no

NEW Camo Goggles by Spy Optic for 2012

1 min
These camo goggles by SPY Optic protect your eyes from snow, rain, muck, mud and other debris while combining progressive design and a taste for the unruly into a full-fledged mask of mayhem.

EPIC Adventure Cameras introduces Instant On HD Action Camera

1 Min Read
Industry leader EPIC has expanded its line of wearable, durable adventure cameras with their new EPIC Instant-On HD cam. With the ability to record in stunning 720p high definition, the EPIC IO captures all the action of the hunt with sharp, high-definiti