Noise and Vibration Reduction

By Hunting NetworkSeptember 25, 2008

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I’m sure you have been in the situation: you come to full draw and shoot an arrow at a deer.  You watch in disbelief as the buck or doe jumps the string and disappears into the woods. There was probably a time when you didn’t even get your bow to full draw because the deer you were aiming at heard the familiar noise of an arrow sliding across your arrow rest. The good news: these problems can be solved!

Regardless if you have a bow that is fresh out of the box or one that is five years old, if you haven’t added noise and vibration dampening devices to your bow; you could eventually encounter one of these scenarios.  Eliminating vibration causes your bow to shoot smoother, helping you shoot better.  Nobody likes bows that have a lot of hand shock because it feels like you are getting bit by a dog after each shot. A quiet, shock-free bow is a better-shooting, more accurate bow.

Most bows on the market come with a few vibration dampening devices on them. Over time, all bows begin to make noise and vibrate a little. Eliminating most of the noise and the majority of the vibration from any bow is fairly straightforward.  It simply requires a little time. Below are some quick and easy steps you can take to eliminate bow noise and vibration.


The quickest and easiest method to reduce vibration in bow limbs is adding small limbsavers to your bow limbs. These small rubber devices help eliminate vibration and noise. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be applied to limbs, sights, quivers, and other bow accessories that clang and vibrate during a shot. Limbsavers are great because they can be applied to any bow quickly and easily. Remember to make sure the area you are applying them to is clean before you stick them on. This will only take a few seconds. There are other rubber dampening devices in addition to Limbsaver on the market that perform similarly.


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