Tyler Frantz

Tyler Frantz
Tyler Frantz is an award-winning outdoors freelancer from Pennsylvania where he serves as an elementary teacher by trade. Bowhunting, family and faith are his three main passions in life, but he dabbles in everything from fly fishing to maple sugaring. Explore more of his work at www.naturalpursuitoutdoors.com
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Kyle Stokes shares a little insight on what shooters need to know before they buy their next bow.

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As the last whitetail seasons come to a close, bowhunters can often find themselves yearning for something more. Those up for the challenge can extend their winter hunting experience by chasing a different kind of tail… cottontails! Now is the time to make the switch from bowhunting whitetail to cottontail.

Winterize Your Hunting Gear

There are a few adjustments archers should consider making to their gear if they plan to successfully weather the storm.

Venison Versatility

For avid outdoorsmen, wild game entrees often make up a large portion of their family’s diet throughout the year, and the entrees are as healthy as they are delicious. Here's a quick look at some venison versatility.

Stay Mobile For Rutty Bucks

When the rut hits, bucks are on the move, and hunters must sometimes follow suit. Do you have what it takes to stay mobile for rutty bucks?

Best Days to Break Out Your Deer Calls

What follows are my top four scenarios for hunters to consider as best days to break out your deer calls.

Spot and Stalk Groundhogs for Summertime Bowhunting Action

Looking for an off-season bowhunting solution? Try spot and stalk groundhogs for summertime bowhunting action.

Venture off the beaten path for reclusive toms

“Have boots, will travel for toms” could be a slogan for some of the most successful public land turkey hunters I know.

Best 3-D Archery Events of 2015

Since there’s still about six months to kill before fall archery deer seasons roll around again, our nation’s bowhunters might just need to settle for the next best thing: taking aim at foam instead of flesh. 3-D archery shoots are a great way to stay

Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Aside from killing a great buck, there’s no better feeling than finding his sheds. I’ll never forget the exhilaration I felt the day I found a matching set of 140-inch antlers on Pennsylvania public land a few years ago. Aside from a few trail cam photos,