Pine Ridge Archery Proudly Introduces the Hunter's Combo Pack for 2013

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Pine Ridge Archery has created the Hunter’s Combo Pack for bowhunters who prefer to use a peep sight without peep sight tubing. The Hunter’s Combo Pack contains a Feather Peep Sight, five inches of Nitro string loop material and a soft-sided slotted kisser button with crimps.

Each Hunter’s Combo Pack is color coordinated so bowhunters can have matching accessories on their bows. The Hunter’s Combo Pack is available in the following colors: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.

Pine Ridge Archer Hunter's Combo Pack

The Hunter’s Combo Pack rounds out a variety of archery accessories offered by Pine Ridge Archery including the Nitro Wrist Sling, Finger Savers and The Archer’s Allen Wrench.

To learn more about Pine Ridge Archery, visit or call (877) 746-7434.

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