2013 Mathews Creed | An Exclusive First Look

Posted by: Justin Zarr on Dec 14, 2012
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It’s Monday October 29th and I’m in the car with Todd Graf, President of Bowhunting.com, and Brandyn Streeter, our expert cameraman/editor.  We’re driving North to Sparta, Wisconsin to get our first look at the brand new Mathews flagship bow for 2013.  Most of our conversation revolves around bowhunting (the rut is right around the corner) and what we think can be done to improve upon last year’s wildly popular Helim.  How can Mathews, arguably the best bow company in the world, make their bows any better than the already are?  Ready or not, we were about to find out.

Upon arriving and getting our credentials verified we were led back into the Mathews Academy, the location they use to train retailers on everything from bow building to marketing techniques, where we are finally introduced to the 2013 Mathews Creed.  My eyes are immediately drawn to the fact that, unlike every Mathews bow before it, the Creed features split limbs.  Before I even picked it up, I already knew the Creed was vastly different than the bows which had come before it.

Mathews Creed Quad Limbs
The Creed features an all-new quad limb design which provides precision accuracy and performance when paired with the new SimPlex cam.

In addition to the new split limb design I also noted the new design (and size) of both the cam and idler wheel.  Gone was the signature Mathews Solocam with the “swirling” spokes, and it its place was a much larger idler with a honeycomb-like design.  To accompany the larger idler wheel is the much larger Simplex cam, which is the engine that drives the new Creed.

Mathews Creed Idler Wheel
Replacing the iconic Mathews idler wheel is the new, larger, idler wheel found on the 2013 Creed.

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Justin Zarr
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2 Comments on "2013 Mathews Creed | An Exclusive First Look"

Re: 2013 Mathews Creed | An Exclusive First Look #
Justin Zarr im an avid bow hunter out of the state of kentucky i am currently struggling to find a lost camo retailer in my area. is there a website in which i can purchase lost camo gear?
Posted by skyler woods on 12/19/2012 8:44:53 PM
Re: 2013 Mathews Creed | An Exclusive First Look #
Skyler - you can order Lost Camo apparel online at Robinsonoutdoors.com and Gamehide.com.
Posted by Justin Zarr on 12/20/2012 8:28:39 AM

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