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Whitetail Doe shot in the Head. A reminder to Hunters.

by Bow Staff 2. February 2010 07:19
Bow Staff

There is little arguing that whitetail deer are among the most celebrated and hunted animals on the planet. But is it really a wonder as to why they are?

We don’t think so. After all, they cover much of the North American continent, grow unique antler configurations, and taste really good in between a couple hamburger buns that sit next to an eight inch piece of sweet corn. Mmmmmm, the thoughts of summer warm our minds again!

Enough of reminiscing (after all it’s only February), as recently a few trailcam photos have been received by the good staff here at Bowhunting.Com. They’re images of a lone whitetail doe feeding. However, if one was to look closely, they could clearly see the reason why we thought these photos needed to be made public.

We’re not sure of the hunter’s intentions. And we make no conclusions to why the arrow is where it is, embedded in the head of this lone doe. We understand bad shots can and do happen in the real world of hunting. We’ve been there.

We’re posting these photos with the intentions of only good. A reminder of what we do in life (insert Gladiator theme music) and how it can echo an eternity.

As in… this shotis not… and has never been a high percentage shot. Although it can yield the results desired, it undoubtedly can also end disastrous. And because of this, the hunter who took it and/or had messed it up, sits somewhere tonight, with an empty hamburger bun.

Let’s remember that image. Take the high percentage shot! That broadside shot where the lungs are the only target between you and a happy barbecuing experience this June.

Only you can prevent hamburger bun waste!


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