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Update! 2010 G2G Going Strong; Bowhunters Galore!

by Cody Altizer 26. June 2010 08:37
Cody Altizer

The 2010 G2G is in full swing, and with over 40 archers coming out to shoot, we've had a blast thus far!  We have blessed with a beautiful sunny day (albeit a bit hot) and it didn't take long before the arrows began taking flight.  Our archers have participated in a sporting clays shoot, 16 target 3D course, long distance shot and a pop up shoot.  Despite the sloppy conditions caused by a powerful thunderstorm last night, we've had bowhunters competing against one another to gain bragging rights for a year!


Pro Staffer Jessica Ed tries her skills at the long distance shoot, a Rinehart target positioned 70 yards away!



Dustin Decroo and Richie Music coming to full draw at a 3D target on the course.  A right handed and left handed shooter; classic competition!



Just another perfect shot, right?  Not hardly, Dustin Decroo placed this beautiful shot from 108 yards.  Yes, that's right folks, 108 yards away.  Talk about skill!



Our 3-D Smackdown Champions: Issac Siman (first place), Sam Greceffa (second place), and Art Helen. (third place).  Congrats!




Kevin Lane walked away with our grand raffle prize: a Diamond Iceman FLX.  Kevin was also a finalist in the sporting clays shoot.




Our very own Justin Zarr won the sporting clays competition, punching through a clay bird from 50 yards!


  As you can tell, we're having a blast here at the 2010 G2G.  We still have plenty of bowhunters shooting, competiting or just hanging out talking bowhunting.  If you're not here, you're missing out!


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