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Ted Nugent Elected into National Bowhunters Hall of Fame

by Bow Staff 11. February 2009 14:58
Bow Staff

"Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak.”

-Ted Nugent

Love him or hate him, no one bowhunter over the past quarter century has had more influence or impact on the American public than "Motor City Madman", Ted Nugent. His tireless accolades include award winning television shows, best selling books, countless charity work, and a rock n' roll career that has spanned the last 4 decades! An outspoken conservationist, the 60 year old Nuge has hunted with our presidents, spoken before our Senate, and fought alongside the NRA. Yes.. Ted has come a long way from the man who once shot flaming arrows into his concert-goers' seats. Today, the only thing Ted shoots is his signature bow and anybody who stands in his way and the way of the American ideal.

This past February 6th, 2009, Ted Nugent may have just received the greatest tribute of his life as he is inducted into The National Bowhunters Hall of Fame. The induction, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, was part of the National Field Archery Association's World Archery Festival at the famed Riviera Hotel. Ted is being honored for both his excellence in bowhunting and literary excellence. This acknowledgement is presented to him for his outstanding skills as an avid outdoorsman, and his tireless promotion of the sport of bowhunting through his many best-selling books and popular writings.

The staff at would first like to congratulate Ted on, what we think was, a well deserved induction. Although not without controversy, we know and thank you personally for some of the outstanding work you have done to keep our sport alive as others wish to devastate it. wants to know how you feel about Ted Nugent. Please respond below to tell us if you think he should have been elected into The National Bowhunters Hall of Fame. We want to know if you feel Ted helps or hurts the hunting community.


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