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New Block Fusion Target for 2009!

by Bow Staff 2. February 2009 15:04
Bow Staff

 New Block Fusion Target will take Archery to New Level.

Superior, Wisconsin (January 14, 2009 ) ¾ Field Logic, the maker of the award-winning BLOCK™ 4x4 target has taken archery targets to a new level - BLOCKâ FUSIONä.  This new target takes all the award winning qualities of the 4x4  and incorporates unique new features that take this new target to an unprecedented level. The BLOCKâ Fusion brings a proprietary new feature, Polyfusionä technology that molecularly fuses polyurethane and polyethylene together to create the most advanced archery target on the market.  This new proprietary Polyfusion technology has eliminated the need for internal banding.  This also increases ease of arrow removal by 50 percent over other Block targets.  That means less shooter fatigue and more time to shoot!  The Blockâ Fusionä will feature the new Blockâ Game Face on two of the four shooting sides.  This new feature offers archers six game species (elk, deer, moose, pronghorn, bear and turkey) in various sizes, thereby allowing shooting to take place from short and long distances.  The other two sides of the  Blockâ Fusionä  will still offer the popular deer vitals. Additional upgrades on the new Blockâ Fusionä are an internal Grip Pit handle that is designed right in the target.  This makes the Blockâ Fusionä easier to handle and move from place to place.  The new Blockâ Fusionä is available in four sizes:Blockâ Fusionä F-16, 16x12x16 , 12 lbs $94.99Blockâ Fusionä F-18, 18x12x18, 19 lbs $139.99Blockâ Fusionä F-21, 21x18x21, 25 lbs, $159.99Blockâ Fusionä F-24, 24x21x24, 35 lbs $239.99 Blockâ Fusionä targets offer 50% easier arrow removal than any Blockâ ever and 2x the target life of any Blockâ ever!  What more could any archer ask for? 

The New Blockâ Fusionä is available now at retailers nationwide. 

Look for the New Block Fusion and other related archery targets featured here on the Bowhunting.Com on-line store.


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