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ATA Show 2011 Day 2 Final Bowhunting Gear Update

by Justin Zarr 7. January 2011 13:40
Justin Zarr

After grabbing some lunch I headed back into the show and continued my quest to find the best new bowhunting gear.  Of course on my way back in I couldn't help but notice the extremely large Tree Spider banner hanging over the entrance.  Robinson Outdoors did a heck of a job promoting this new safety harness!

While checking out the product innovations room I met up with the guys from Huntin' Is Good.  This is a unique line of clothing and accessories that promotes a positive message that well, Huntin' Is Good!  While helping to promote and unite the sport we all love, Huntin' Is Good also donates a portion of all proceeds to charities that actively defend our rights to hunt. 

Also in the innovations room was a 3-D archery target cover.  While it may not be the most glamourous thing in the world, it's very effective at protecting your often expensive investment.  The cover is UV and weather resistant and will help protect your target against fading and cracking.

After moving all of their production back to the US, Lone Wolf stands has made some much needed improvements to their line of industry leading treestands.  The new castings look amazing, and the improved bow holder now accomodates most parallel limb bows.  If you're looking for a great treestand that's well built and will last you a lifetime, be sure to check out Lone Wolf.  Yes, they're pricey, but they're worth every penny.

Also new in the treestand relm are the Bone Collector stands from Ameristep.  The all-black and green stands look pretty cool, and they're reasonably priced.  The seats are plenty wide and look comfortable, but are still quite heavy due to their steel construction.

Primos has a couple new trail cameras for this year including the smaller Super Model.  Retailing for just over $200 this is smaller camera than their current Truth lineup that boasts a full color screen on the BACK of the unit.  It doubles as an in-field viewer when needed.  I will post additional info after the show is over and I've got some more time.  It looks like a cool little camera.

These lovely ladies at the Scent Blocker booth are showing off their new line of Sola women's apparel and also helping to spread the love!


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