Dead Down Wind 3D Broad Spectrum Hair & Body Soap for Women

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Dead Down Wind 3D Broad Spectrum Hair & Body Soap

Begin your hunt in a zero-scent environment by taking your morning shower with the "Huntress-Approved" 12 oz. Dead Down Wind Hair & Body Soap. Dead Down Wind's proven body and hair formula includes skin-cleansing ESP™ technology that eliminates odor where it exists, on the skin and scalp.

dead down wind hair and body

For the best results, use the full ESP™ System of laundry, body and field products and Evolve Field Products. Optimum scent control is a three-step process.

•    Advanced Huntress Approved formula that will not change or alter color-treated hair.
•    Exceptional odor control, manageability for healthy and scent-free hair performance.
•    Won't dry out your hair and leave it scaly.
•    PH Balanced for optimum results and low suds/foaming formula.

Dead Down Wind Products set the standard for scent elimination and odorless performance, and the newest products for 2012 take innovation to a whole new level.

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