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Posted by: Josh Sturgill on May 6, 2013
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As I load up my ATV and get ready to conquer the steep terrain of the mountains I hunt in I thought  back to the stories I read as a kid. These were stories of cowboys and explorers packing the saddle bags on their horses to explore the untamed west in search of new lands, fame and fortune.  I realize as I start up the mountain that the ATV is the new horse. Not only that, but what we are searching for has changed a lot too.

The search for new lands has been replaced with a search for solitude. A place where maybe a cell phone does not work or the hum of passing cars and busses is a distant memory. The search for fame has been erased by the search for personal accomplishment. We also have the ability to enlist the services of an ATV to take us farther into uncharted territory; perhaps giving us a shot at a buck that we never even knew existed. The search for fortune has been changed to the pursuit of fun. Whether that fun is trail riding with family and friends or by riding alone through a favorite patch of woods.


Moose Racing was born out of a passion for off-road adventure. Today, that passion continues and can been seen in quality products that are manufactured by this continuously growing company.

Whatever you classify as fun when you fire up your ATV or UTV there is a company out there that specializes in products that can make the experience safer, more efficient, and most of all enjoyable. I recently got to sit down and talk to Kevin Kelly and Brad Kruckenberg of Moose Utility to find out more about Moose Utility. This company creates and sells products to help ATV and UTV users have as much fun as possible, with a full line of products that I know you will enjoy.

Q: How did Moose get started?
A: Back in the mid-80s there was a group of off road enthusiasts in Colorado. They were dual sport riders who rode in the mountains and when they would get done riding they would routinely discuss what could make the ride better. Out of those conversations Moose Racing was started. In 1996, we added Moose Utility as another arm to the company. Moose Utility was born out of market demand for ATV products.  We started with snow plows for the ATV's and UTV's and it grew into racks, bags, seats, handle bars and general maintenance products.

Q: How many separate divisions encompass Moose?
A: We have Three divisions:  The licensing division, Moose Racing, and Moose Utility.

Q: Which is the largest division?
A: They are all about equal. Within Moose utility, plow sales make up about 15% of our business and the other accessory equipment makes up the rest. Our first catalog was twenty pages and the most recent was 228 pages.


Behind every good product is a good work force. Moose Utility Division is no exception.

Q: What makes your company different from other companies?
A: The products we offer are not the highest priced products but we are not the lowest either.  We offer riders really good bang for the buck; a good quality product at a reasonable price, with the backing of good customer service and a great warranty behind it. That is what makes us different.

Q: What is one thing the general public should know about you that they don't currently know?
A: Brand awareness. We have good brand awareness, but it could always be better.  We are a dealer based company. Our products can only be purchased from an authorized dealer.  We have over 8,000 dealers nationwide, and we also have warehouses located  in Canada and Germany as well. We also have partnered with Realtree, Mossy Oak, American Hunter, NRA, and North American Hunter.

Q: How do you come up with your products?
A: It’s kind of a three-headed monster.  One way is through market demand (based on a need we have seen in the market). Sometimes our manufacturers come to us with ideas, and then sometimes we come up with them on our own. If something comes down the pipe that we know we want to do, we will partner with a manufacturer that has the specific production expertise to make sure that we are giving our customers a quality product.


One product bowhunters will enjoy is the Big Horn Rear Rack Bag. It is perfect for hauling and protecting hunting clothing, boots, treestands, or even your favorite bow. (full review)

Q: What percentage of resources do you use as far as new product development?
A: Nearly 100%. It is a partnership, but we have the ultimate call on what products are released. We do the sampling and testing.  We are constantly testing things to make sure there is quality and it adds value to our customer’s experience. Everyone here at Moose is an enthusiast; they use and enjoy these products too. 

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Josh Sturgill

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