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Posted by: Josh Sturgill on Jan 23, 2013
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In recent years, it seems as if every time I turn on the radio or television I’m met with a constant barrage of bad news. Every day is a new story about people losing their jobs and their homes or companies going out of business and shipping jobs overseas. The only escape from the thought of impending doom is finding an opportunity to lose myself while looking twenty-five feet down from my favorite stand.  However, even though I can lose my worries for a short time, the ride home quickly brings me back to reality as I pass the home foreclosure signs and empty manufacturing plant parking lots.


Not only can the stand be a place of escape, some life changing ideas can come from time spent there.

Slowly but surely, it has become harder for me to forget about everything that is going on in the financial world while in Mother Nature’s world. Certain questions fly around my mind; like the annoying buzz of a mosquito that will not let me concentrate on the relaxing sounds of the early fall deer woods. The question that I ponder over the most is simple…… Can "The American Dream" still be realized? I have discovered, after speaking with Kerry Verran, the owner of KTECH Designs, that it can be realized. Without a doubt, his story is a real American story.

Q:  Tell me how you got Started?
A: We really got started by accident. It was early in 2010, when Mathews, Inc. had developed the first  Z7, with the Grid lockTM design. At that time, I had been working for a tool and die company for about sixteen years.  The company that I was working for had lost several major accounts with General Motors and the general economy in our area of Michigan was in serious trouble. I started to see the writing on the wall; I may not have a job before long. I started looking for other positions and any opportunity to possibly start my own business.


A lost job quickly turned into a blessing and a new outlook on life.

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Josh Sturgill

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