Mathews Retailer Show: 2013 Gear Roundup

Posted by: Tracy Breen on Jan 2, 2013
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Every year, archery companies bring their latest and greatest Mathews/Lost Camo licensed products to the Mathews Retailer Show to let Mathews retailers check out their products. This year there were many gadgets and gizmos that caught my eye. Below are some of the latest archery accessories you might not be able to live without.

Most bowhunters enjoy hunting from a ground blind from time to time; either for deer or turkeys. The new EZ Hunt & Haul Trailer I spotted at the Mathews Show is like a ground blind on steroids. The EZ Hunt & Haul is a hard-sided trailer that comes in Lost Camo.

 Hunt Haul

Talk about a unique and versatile blind! 

The trailer can be used as a field hunting blind for geese and ducks and as an ice fishing shanty. It even has a doggy door. In addition, the blind is collapsible and can be used as an ATV trailer. When you are done using the blind, break it down, load your ATV and you are ready for a road trip.

The Master Target booth at the Mathews Show received a lot of traffic. Master Targets are paper thin plastic targets that can handle hundreds of shots being shot through them. This year they are offering a zombie target, a league deer target and several Mathews Archery targets.


Master Tragets aren't your ordinary paper targets.

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Tracy Breen

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