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Posted by: Steve Flores on Sep 4, 2012
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Traveling Case 
I’m not big on fancy packaging. To me, if a product doesn’t perform, the box it comes in isn’t worth taking a “you know what” in it. But, when said product lives up to the hype, the packaging can then be admired. The Hogg Father comes with a custom case that not only looks good, but is sure to protect your investment. With foam padding, custom made specifically for the individual Hogg Father parts, you can confidently break-down your sight and store or transport it without worry of damage. Like I said, this doesn’t make the sight, but it is a nice overall feature.


The Travel Case for the Hogg Father is very well made and offers the utmost in protection.

Quick Release Dovetail
I love dovetail sights. Essentially, a dove-tail extension bar moves the sight pin further from my eye, which makes it more accurate. Think in terms of shooting a pistol and a rifle. With the front sight moved further away, long range shooting is easier with a rifle. The same principles apply to archery. That is why I favor a long extension on my sights.


The dove-tail extension bar can set the face of the pin housing roughly 4-7 inches from the riser of my Mathews bow.

The Hogg Father comes with two options when mounting the dove-tail. You can choose the highly attractive knob which allows the user to hand tighten the extension. Or, you can use the set-screw that locks down the unit more permanently. Either method works well so it is entirely up to the user. In addition, the dovetail bar has several, evenly spaced indentions machined into it in order to allow the quick release knob (or set-screw) to bite into it for a perfect fit that won’t rattle loose.

Wheel in the Sky
Moving down the sight the first “mechanical” portion you will encounter is the Bull Knob, or yardage wheel. Immediately, I noticed its larger size. However, this is helpful in two ways. One, it is much easier to grasp and rotate; especially while wearing hunting gloves. Two, the larger size allows the spacing between the site tape marks to be further apart, which makes it a little easier to choose the right range; especially in low-light conditions. But, the features on the yardage wheel don’t stop there.


The Bull Knob (sight wheel) is large (for easy moving) and has a host of other features.

Located on the bottom portion of the wheel is a neat little device called the “Vertical Micro-Knob”. When engaged, the Vertical Micro-Knob locks the Bull Knob (yardage wheel) down so that it cannot rotate off of the desired yardage mark. When it is disengaged, it allows the user to micro-adjust the distance one yard at a time by simply rotating the Micro Knob as opposed to the main yardage wheel.


The Micro-Knob makes even the most minute adjustments easy.

Located on the inside of the Bull Knob (sight wheel) is a sight scale that allows you to micro-adjust the sight even further… tenths. For example, you can dial the sight for a range of 45.8….if you wish. While that may sound a little sophisticated for many, myself included, it is a really cool feature should you need it. In reality, you can use this sight for competitive 3D competition, as well as bowhunting, without the need to change sights in order to enjoy certain qualities.


The Sight Scale on the Hogg Father allows for even more precise shooting.

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4 Comments on "Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review"

Re: Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review #
Looks heavy Steve???
Posted by Joe Gurski on 9/5/2012 9:36:57 AM
Re: Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review #
Just for the record I have shot heavier sights. I will try to weigh it and get an exact number for you and other readers.
Posted by Steve on 9/5/2012 12:35:59 PM
Re: Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review #
I shoot this sight on my 3d setup after you shoot it awhile you don't notice the weight. Like you I'm a little slow on this fancy stuff, but this sight is easy to set and adjust.
Posted by Bigred on 9/5/2012 10:48:45 PM
Re: Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review #
It probably does weigh more than a smaller sight. But honestly, I don't notice it and I prefer a heavy rig.....mch harder to tourque.
Posted by Steve on 9/5/2012 12:29:06 PM
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