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Posted by: Justin Zarr on Sep 18, 2012
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Let me preface this article by saying that I am not a professional videographer.  The information I'm going to share has been obtained first hand while filming hunts over the past 6 years.  Like many things in life, I believe there's no absolute "right" way to setup your gear for filming your hunt.  Everyone seems to find the way that works best for them, and this is what works best for me. 

Also, before I get any nasty emails please keep in mind for purposes of these photos I was about 18" off the ground so I did not wear a safety harness.  Anytime I'm hunting from an elevated position I always wear my Hunter Safety System and I strongly recommend that everyone else do the same.

Now with that said, let's talk about filming!  When it comes to filming hunting adventures, there's two ways to go about it.  Both of these methods require a significant amount of additional work than hunting alone, and each has it's ups and downs.

The first method is to be your own cameraman and film yourself.  The plus side of this type of filming is that you don't need to find a buddy to follow you around with a camera, which can be difficult.  The down side here is that not only is it a lot of work, but in many cases the quality can suffer a bit.  But if you work hard enough at it, and maybe get a little lucky, a self-filmed hunt can actually turn out very well.

When filming your own hunts, the best overall quality is going to be obtained by using multiple cameras.  This allows you to capture additional footage that you need to fill in some of the gaps of filming yourself while hunting.  I personally prefer to use a small POV style camera mounted either to my bow or to the tree I'm hunting from, and a larger HD quality camera mounted to a camera arm.

For the POV camera, my choice is the Epic Cam.  This is a small HD camcorder with a very wide "fish eye" type of lens that captures nearly 180 degrees of action.  Most of the time I mount this camera to my bow, facing back towards me to capture my actions while on the hunt.  From getting ready at the truck and walking to my stand to pulling up my bow, glassing for deer, all the way to the shot and reaction this camera can capture it all.  And with a variety of attachments such as suction cups, tree mounts, hat mounts and more you can put it just about anywhere.

Epic Camera mounted on bowMounting my Epic Cam facing backwards allows me to capture all of the emotions of the hunt
Hunter POV shot

Here's a shot from my Epic Cam captured during the 2011 hunting season.

Epic Cam Gear
My POV arsenal includes two Epic action cameras, a tree mount, Gorillapod, several elbow mounts, a hat clip, external viewer and of course extra batteries.

The downfall of the POV camera is that it doesn't capture much action at long distances.  A lot of people like to mount them forward-facing on their bow which does work, but unfortunately you lose quite a bit of detail of anything past 10 or 15 yards.  If you are on a very limited budget or don't want to monkey around with cameras and camera arms than a small POV cam may be the best option for you.

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Justin Zarr
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2 Comments on "Tips For Filming Your Hunting Adventures"

Re: Tips For Filming Your Hunting Adventures #
Big fan of yalls. I just bought my a pse brute x and want to do my best to become a professional hunter. its been my dream since i began hunting back when i was 10. just fell in love with the outdoors and hunting. if you have anytips for me please email me at thank you
Posted by William Hendrickson on 9/26/2012 10:33:32 AM
Re: Tips For Filming Your Hunting Adventures #
Nice article justin. Go pro with the headstrap for me. I dont like looking through the lense when deer around, i feel like im not in the moment enough or something.
Posted by bowhntr4life on 9/27/2012 10:04:47 PM

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