Summer Scouting for Whitetails

Posted by: Jordan Howell on Jul 22, 2012
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The most important thing to remember when scouting deer in the summertime is to be as “low impact” as possible.  When I have compiled my scouting information and I feel like I need to move a stand or hang a new one, I try to do it with as little intrusion as possible.  I make a list of everything that I need to do on that property and try to get it all (or as much as possible) done in one outing.  Spending an entire day getting all your stands ready, trimming shooting lanes or making access routes to and from your stand is better than doing a little bit every few days.  This allows the deer to calm down from the intrusion more quickly.  Remember, the key is to do everything you can to keep the deer from knowing they are being hunted.  The less stress your scouting puts on the deer herd, the greater your chances for success.


Although a gun kill, the fact still remains that the author (pictured far right) used a combination of studying aerial photos and summer time velvet footage to find success on this 2011 Indiana youth hunt.  You can do the same.

Whatever method you may prefer, there is no better time to find a big buck than late summer.  Put out a trail camera, ask the neighbors what they have been seeing, or just take a drive around the fringes of your hunting area in the evening.  The time is NOW to be out there tracking down your next trophy buck. 

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