Opening Day Strategies: Fill Your Tag Early

Posted by: Dustin DeCroo on Sep 23, 2012
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5. Shooting Preparation

Shooting preparation is another factor that should never be overlooked.  Many hunters pick up their bow the week before opening day, fling a few arrows and head to the woods.  This is never a good idea. Even though you may be just fine while shooting your block target in the back yard, a live animal is nowhere near the same.

For example, holding your draw for long periods of time may be necessary when a buck comes into view. If your bow muscles aren’t in shape or used to that kind of situation that buck may live to see another day.  A better approach is to shoot often and practice under real-world situations. Perhaps try to hold your bow at full draw for a full minute and then shoot. Or maybe shoot at longer distance than you plan to shoot at an animal.  Shooting at longer distances will make the short shots fell more like a chip shot. Also, before the season starts, make sure your bow is in good shape. Make sure the strings and cables are waxed and that all nuts and bolts are tight. Taking these precautions before the season will ensure your equipment is ready to roll when the gate drops on the early season.


Just because the season has started doesn't mean that shooting practice should end.

There is simply no substitute for time in the stand. However, for most bowhunters, hunting all day, every day is not an option.  The majority of bowhunters plan to take time off in late October and November when bucks are seemingly on their feet and on the move. However, if hunters would spend the same number of days in the woods in the early season, chances are they would be just as successful and have some free time during the rut.

Being able to focus your efforts on summer-patterned deer, as opposed to the random behavior of November whitetails, is worth a little of your time and certainly increases your odds of success.  Don’t overlook the warmer temperatures and longer days of the early season when planning your hunting vacation. Best of luck!

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2 Comments on "Opening Day Strategies: Fill Your Tag Early"

Re: Opening Day Strategies: Fill Your Tag Early #
the segment on early deerhunting was great to read thanks yall are awesome.
Posted by Larry scott on 10/7/2012 1:22:49 PM
Re: Opening Day Strategies: Fill Your Tag Early #
I harvested a buck first morning in a spot that i did not scout all year. Luck is nice to have.
Posted by Jay Barris on 10/14/2012 4:22:53 PM

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