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Posted by: Josh Sturgill on Sep 23, 2012
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Q: How was the concept of the Anchor Sight born?

A:  The problem that was identified very early on was the lack of ability to find the peep sight in low light or the inability to find your target once you found your peep sight. We really wanted to develop a product that opened the range of view for every archer. We wanted this application for low light scenarios that you may find in a blind or early morning/late evening in the stand when deer movement is highest but available light for a traditional peep sight is at its lowest. We also wanted to increase the confidence that shooters have in those scenarios.

Q: Can you explain how this product works?

A: For starters the product will mount to your bow. Some people like it above their current sight; some (like me) prefer it below their front sight. Once you are at full draw, you can see the Anchor Sight in your peripheral vision. The purpose of the product is to ensure that every time you draw back your bow you come to the same anchor point.
When you are looking at the Anchor Sight, the view is similar to a rifle sight; a black ring with a red dot. Once the red dot is perfectly aligned in the circle, you are at the correct anchor point. The great thing about the Anchor Sight is that it gives you the opportunity to see if you are torquing the bow left, right, up or down and then correct it before releasing the arrow.


The Anchor Sight is small but built to be tough and reliable.

Q: What challenges did you face while creating the Anchor Sight?

A: The biggest problem we had to overcome while creating this product was the micro-adjustments. We had to figure out how to adjust it on the micro level. We also had to make sure the product was universal, so that it would be compatible with any sight or any bow on the market. We also had to make sure that it was very user friendly. Looking at the finished product, I am confident we have overcome all of those obstacles and have produced a truly wonderful product.

Q: How long did it take Archery Innovations to develop the Anchor Sight?

A: I actually started shooting one of the early prototypes before I was involved with the company. They gave me one to try out and to see what I thought about it. After using it, I wanted to be more involved because I thought it was such a good product. After that, it took probably two to three years before it we had a marketable product.

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