AXT Carbon Carnivore Product Review

Posted by: Dustin DeCroo on Jun 15, 2012
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The AXT Carbon Carnivore gets its name for the incorporation of 100% 3K Carbon utilized to construct the carbon fiber bracket and pin guard. The carbon material gives the Carnivore an ultra-light overall weight which is something that follows along recent archery trends.  The Carbon Carnivore sight is available in three different models, a five pin model in Lost Camo, a five pin model in Blackout and a seven pin model in blackout.  All three sights feature the same carbon fiber sight housing and bracket. Each of the fibers in these pins is 11” long and is contained in what AXT calls the Fiber Harness. The harness is clear tubing that is routed back through the sight bracket for maximum light transmission.


The Carbon Carnivore also offers plenty of fiber optic for maximum pin clarity in low-light conditions.

These .019” diameter pins are contained inside of a 2” sight housing which offers maximum field of view in low-light conditions.  An absolute-zero pin gap spacing is possible for the fastest bows on the market.  One of the features for which I applaud Archer Xtreme is the inclusion of an LED pin light with the purchase of the sight. It’s nice to buy a high end sight and have it include everything you need or would want. The sight is also easy to adjust to fit both right and left handed bows by reversing the bracket so the bubble is on top of the pin guard.  For the technologically advanced bowhunters, the Carbon Carnivore offers a 3rd axis adjustable level system.


This sight will feel right at home on your favorite bow rig. 

I don’t believe that there is a “perfect” product on the market so I have to offer my single area of improvement for this Carbon Carnivore. The sight bracket is constructed of a single piece of carbon fiber that is roughly an inch tall and an eighth of an inch thick, this means that everything forward of the sight bracket is not rigid. The sight housing can be twisted and pushed around in the X-axis, fortunately the sight always returns to its original location, but the down side is that the sight has the ability to vibrate at every shot. Will this vibration cause any issues with performance? I doubt it, however constant vibration adds noise and could allow for the screws in the sight housing to loosen over time.    Overall, the Carbon Carnivore is a high end sight that will most likely win you over.  The light weight and killer look puts this sight among the top when it comes to overall function. Click here For more product reviews by Dustin Decroo.

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