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Getting Back To The Basics Of Deer Hunting

by Mark Kenyon 31. August 2011 14:37
Mark KenyonThese days there are a million and 1 different tips, tricks and tactics for deer hunting. But with all of this "noise", it's easy to lose sight of the basic cornerstones of deer hunting success. So what are these cornerstones?? Food. Cover. Wind. [More]

Iowa Quality Bucks On My Michigan Hit List

by Mark Kenyon 29. August 2011 16:44
Mark KenyonIowa, Illinois and the other big name hunting states aren't the only locales that can produce true giant bucks. This year I've put together a hit list of bucks that could impress even the big buck jaded hunters of Iowa and the like! Check out these Michigan giants I'll be chasing come Oct 1. [More]

Unconventional Ways to Prepare For the Fast Approaching Bow Seasons

by Mark Kenyon 31. July 2011 16:33
Mark KenyonWe all know the basic pre-season prep tactics. Hang your stands, plant your food plots, shoot your bow. But here are three ideas I bet you've never read about in the magazines. Check out these 3 unconventional ways to prepare for the coming hunting season! [More]

6 Tips for Successful Summer Field Scouting

by Mark Kenyon 24. July 2011 16:38
Mark KenyonThe dog days of summer are upon us. But don't be tempted to lock yourself in the AC! Now is the perfect time to scout those fields for velvet bucks. It's fun and can be super helpful in your quest for a monster whitetail this year. Here are 6 tips to help you make the most of your summer nights! [More]

Big Iowa Bucks and Interesting Antler Facts

by Mark Kenyon 30. June 2011 15:56
Mark KenyonTake a look at a few great trailcam pictures of some future Iowa Giants and read on for some interesting antler facts as well! [More]
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Gear Review - The GlenDel Buck

by Mark Kenyon 28. June 2011 14:51
Mark KenyonLooking for a new 3D target? Check out this review of the GlenDel Buck, one of the most popular 3D targets on the market. I've got some features I love and a few I don't. So read on for the scoop. [More]

3 Lessons Learned on Whitetail Senses and Communication

by Mark Kenyon 31. May 2011 16:40
Mark KenyonAfter attending the QDMA Deer Steward Course in Branson, Missouri I returned home with many lessons learned from the top whitetail biologists in America. Here are three possibly surprising lessons I picked up from Dr. Karl Miller, as we discussed whitetail senses and communication! [More]

A Pretty Good Day of Turkey Hunting - Our 2011 MI Gobbler

by Mark Kenyon 25. May 2011 13:54
Mark KenyonMy 2011 turkey hunting season didn't go quite as planned, but things finally came together for us with me behind the camera and my buddy Corey up to bat. Our hunt wasn't perfect, but in the end, it was a pretty good day of turkey hunting. [More]

4 Super Simple Decoy Tips for Turkey Hunters

by Mark Kenyon 28. April 2011 16:30
Mark KenyonWhen it comes to turkey hunting, decoys are one of the most talked about tools in the shed. So with the last weeks of turkey season upon us, check out 4 super simple decoy tips that can help you bag your bird! [More]

The Bowhunter's Circuit Training Workout

by Mark Kenyon 21. April 2011 16:48
Mark KenyonTraining as a bowhunter should be a year round affair, encorporating both physical exercise and target practice. Check out "The Bowhunter's Circuit Training Workout", which I believe is the perfect training regimen for the hardcore bowhunter. [More]

Tales of a First Time Turkey Hunter

by Mark Kenyon 30. March 2011 15:41
Mark Kenyon2010 was my first real season turkey hunting and it was an absolute blast. In this post I describe a few of the most exciting moments during my season and some lessons I learned along the way. [More]

The Bucks That Got Away.

by Mark Kenyon 16. March 2011 16:04
Mark KenyonA look at the big bucks of my 2010 season that got away and the reasons why they took 5-10 years off my expected lifespan! [More]

2009 Buck Harvest By Age Class - You Might Be Surprised!

by Mark Kenyon 28. February 2011 16:22
Mark KenyonRecent data from the 2011 QDMA Whitetail Report shows some very interesting trends in harvest rates of different age classes of bucks. Did you know that 67% of Minnesota bucks taken in 2007 were 1 1/2 year olds? Read on for the top states for harvesting 1 1/2 year olds and on the other side of the spectrum, 3 1/2 year olds. [More]

3 Easy Tools To Increase Your Shed Count In 2011

by Mark Kenyon 22. February 2011 16:57
Mark KenyonCheck out this post for information on 3 simple tools that can help you find more sheds in 2011. We explore how trailcams, supplemental food sources and "shed knocking devices" can be the keys to shed hunting success! [More]

Let Shed Hunting Season Begin!

by Mark Kenyon 31. January 2011 01:10
Mark KenyonThe 2011 shed hunting season is here, so read up on some of these tips, strap on your boots and hit the woods! [More]

2010- My Best Hunting Season Ever

by Mark Kenyon 14. January 2011 03:50
Mark KenyonThis season, with hunts planned in Illinois, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Michigan, I thought a monster buck on the wall was an inevitable conclusion. But 2010 ended without any buck on the ground at all. Yet, 2010 will go down as my best hunting season ever. [More]

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