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Ground Blinds Galore

by Brenda Potts 1. May 2012 06:46
Brenda PottsBowhunters have a lot to choose from in today's selection of semi-permanent ground blinds. [More]


by Brenda Potts 21. February 2012 10:34
Brenda PottsFinding new gear at shows, from ground blinds to flashlights, a little mule and a turkey nightmare! [More]

Stan Potts' First Velvet Whitetail

by Brenda Potts 18. September 2011 09:41
Brenda PottsStan Potts tags his first whitetail buck in velvet. [More]

Nikon Binoculars Review

by Brenda Potts 24. August 2011 07:28
Brenda PottsI didn't think I would find a reasonably priced, light weight bino that I like better than my Nikon-SHE Safari binocular for bowhunting. Don't get me wrong, I still love the SHE Safari binos because they are so small, made for a woman, super light weight and they are available in cool colors with a ... [More]


by Brenda Potts 30. May 2011 07:50
Brenda PottsElk hunting teaches life lessons and gives you reasons to persevere. [More]

Mini-Hunters, Mighty Results

by Brenda Potts 28. May 2011 09:18
Brenda PottsTake a kid hunting this year, or sponsor a kid so they can attend an event with your local conservation organization. [More]

Gadgets, Widgets and Booger Retrievers

by Brenda Potts 26. April 2011 09:03
Brenda PottsA review of some of the author's favorite inventions [More]

Buffalo Gnats Killing Turkeys and Other Small Game

by Brenda Potts 18. April 2011 09:31
Brenda PottsAre Buffalo Gnats killing turkeys and other birds? [More]

Dominant Bucks TV - Behind the Scenes

by Brenda Potts 19. March 2011 12:08
Brenda PottsFilming behind the scenes of Mathews Dominant Bucks TV [More]

Backyard Bow Pro & Muzzy 200 Club

by Brenda Potts 19. March 2011 12:01
Brenda PottsSome of the best things about attending deer classics across the country are the people you meet and the interesting ideas, innovative new products and programs you discover while walking the show floor. Stan was invited to attend the Western Carolina Quality Deer Management Association (WCQDMA) Show and we spent a weekend among some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered at a public event like this. [More]

Mike Lutt's Incredible Season of Nine P&Y

by Brenda Potts 25. February 2011 13:27
Brenda PottsBowhunter Mike Lutt tagged nine P&Y animals in one season. [More]

Hefner and the BackYard Buck!

by Brenda Potts 19. February 2011 15:06
Brenda PottsWhile I was busy hunting a big buck on our lease a mystery buck was destroying my target right in my back yard. [More]

Bitter Cold Requires Better Hunting Gear

by Brenda Potts 26. January 2011 08:17
Brenda PottsTips and gear for better hunting in cold weather. [More]

My "Oh No!" Antelope at Table Mountain Outfitters.

by Brenda Potts 25. January 2011 03:22
Brenda PottsMy first bowhunt for antelope was going as expected for the first 2 hours, then it took an odd turn. [More]

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