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Bowfishing is a method of fishing that utilizes specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish. Fish are shot with a barbed arrow that is attached with special line to a reel on the bow. Some freshwater species commonly bowfished for include common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, alligator gar, and paddlefish. In saltwater, rays and sharks are the species most regularly pursued.
Asian Carp | Bowfishing
Asian Carp Follow this step-by-step guide to prepare the best fish you have ever tasted! Step 1: Gut fish, split from vent to gills and remove entrails. Step 2: At the last rib bone, cut from belly to backbone. Break tail off fish and discard. Step 3: At the...
By developer | Dec 17, 2010 | Read the full story
Fish Point with Replaceable Tip Trick
Fish Point with Replaceable Tip Trick For those of you who use a fish point with a replaceable tip such as the Muzzy fish point, Shure Shot Penatrator or the Cajun Piranha head and if after a good day’s fishing the point tends to work itself loose, try this little trick....
By Staff | Jun 5, 2009 | comments (2) | Read the full story
Good Arrow Flight; Not Just For Broadheads Anymore
Good Arrow Flight; Not Just For Broadheads Anymore Many years ago, I stood upon a bluff looking down on the North Fork River as it enters Lake Vermilion and just knew the Goddess of Bowfishing was smiling down on me that day. There below was an area of flooded timber and grass and it was filled with carp...
| Mar 20, 2009 | Read the full story
How To Clean a Gar
How To Clean a Gar Cleaning a gar isn't hard and it's well worth the effort. The only tricks are to have the right tools, a good attitude and a bit of patience....
By Staff | Jan 2, 2009 | comments (2) | Read the full story
Interview with AMS Bowfishing
Interview with AMS Bowfishing (1) How did you get started Bowfishing? When I was in College. Cindy's dad had always bowfished and my family had always been big into bowhunting. The first time she took me bowfishing, I was hooked. Cindy: I grew up bowfishing with my dad. He would go...
| Nov 17, 2008 | comments (5) | Read the full story
Look for Patterns
Look for Patterns Years ago, one of my best friends was a professional bass fisherman who frequently fished with and competed against all the big name guys that you often see on TV. When he and I would go fishing on one of his “practice” days or in the off season, he would...
| Oct 10, 2008 | Read the full story
Sunglasses and Bowfishing
Sunglasses and Bowfishing As an optometrist I am frequently asked to give my opinion on sunglasses or eyewear that are best suited for fishing, OK, more times than not it’s asked by the local bass tourney fisherman but the topic applies to us bow fishermen as well....
By Robert Grider, O.D. | Sep 9, 2008 | comments (7) | Read the full story
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