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After a long vacation, "Forks" returns

by Dustin DeCroo 22. September 2009 04:25
Dustin DeCrooThe summer of 2008 left much to be desired in terms of mature deer on trail cameras.  There were several decent deer that posed for our Moultrie cameras, only one of those deer was harvested.  One deer that I really hoped had made it through the season was a buck we named "Forks"... [More]

Leupold RX-1000 TBR Laser Rangefinder

by Dustin DeCroo 20. September 2009 03:35
Dustin DeCrooA few weeks ago at a local archery 3D shoot, I won a Nikon Archer's Choice rangefinder in the Iron Buck Challenge.  The Archer's Choice only ranges to 100 yards, which, I guess if I used it strictly for archery it would be okay.  Unfortunately, I use it for calling predators and a ... [More]

The Next Generation caught on Trail Cam

by Dustin DeCroo 12. August 2009 11:24
Dustin DeCroo The summer of 2008 was extremely dry and a camera at the local watering hole provided hundreds of trail cam photos on my Moultrie D40.  One particular buck that spent a lot of time at the pond was an older deer that sported a wide, short tined rack with some unique points.  The buck was ... [More]

Fixed Blade vs. Mechanical Broadheads - The Great Debate

by Dustin DeCroo 4. August 2009 05:17
Dustin DeCrooQuite possibly the most frequently debated topic in bowhunting is which broadhead is, "the best."  While "the best" is strictly a matter of opinion, I'll try to clarify the Pro's and Con's of each, Fixed Blade and Mechancial broadheads.  Keep in mind that any broadhead will do what it's in... [More]

Octane Improves the Hostage Pro for 2009

by Dustin DeCroo 28. July 2009 07:55
Dustin DeCroo In 2008 Bowtech released their new line of bow accessories under the name Octane Archery.  Their quivers, rests, and stabilizers were anxiously awaited in the bowhunting world as they were slated to be the newest addition of cutting edge products.  In my personal search for the best gear... [More]

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