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Bowhunt or Die! Episode 7 Recap

by Cody Altizer 19. November 2010 09:53
Cody Altizer While it may seem hard to believe, Bowhunt or Die has reached Episode 7 of the 2010 bowhunting season.  With the rut in full swing, our staff members flooded the woods and fields of Wisconsin and Illinois in hopes of harvesting a mature buck on film.  Two of our most persistent Pro S... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 6 Recap

by Cody Altizer 15. November 2010 09:22
Cody Altizer Episode 6 of Bowhunt or Die marked the beginning of Sweet November in the whitetail woods and to hunters around the country it meant the beginning of the rut.  The Bowhunt or Die team continued their impressive streak of laying down quality whitetails on film in Episode 6 as two more Illi... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 5 Recap

by Cody Altizer 8. November 2010 08:43
Cody Altizer The fifth episode of Bowhunt or Die was our best episode so far this season, hands down.  Halloween Weekend was good to the team as 4 bucks hit the ground totaling over 540 inches of bone.  Episode 5 is full of big buck action from Central Illinois and Wisconsin so rea... [More]

Illinois Buck Down! Living the Bowhunter's Dream

by Cody Altizer 1. November 2010 16:21
Cody Altizer    I’ve always said, “Everyone should get to live a dream come true.”  It’s a simple saying, but I truly believe that at some point, everyone in life should get to live out the dreams they had has a kid, regardless of how wild or seemingly unattainable th... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 4 Recap

by Cody Altizer 1. November 2010 10:11
Cody Altizer In the first three installments of Bowhunt or Die the team put some awesome bucks on the ground while managing to capture it beautifully on film.  In Episode 4 we watched two more bucks, a doe and a turkey hit the ground, and we received updates from the rest of our Pro Sta... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 3 Recap

by Cody Altizer 25. October 2010 09:49
Cody AltizerEpisode 3 of “Bowhunt or Die!” was easily our best one yet!  Over 300 inches of antler hit the ground during this past week’s episode, and that’s just from two bucks!  If you are looking for blood pumping, monster buck hunts, and a couple doe harvests along the way,... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 2 Recap

by Cody Altizer 25. October 2010 07:57
Cody Altizer The second installment of “Bowhunt or Die!” provided just as much excitement and big buck action as the first.  The warm temperatures did their best to stall the efforts of our Pro Staffers, but they battled through the heat and came away with some great footage and excit... [More]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 1 Recap

by Cody Altizer 25. October 2010 04:54
Cody AltizerBowhunt or Die! Episode 1 Recap [More]

Bowhunt or Die: Bowhunting.Com's New Semi-Live Hunting Show

by Cody Altizer 15. October 2010 04:06
Cody Altizer If you are a serious bowhunter you probably already know that is the ultimate online resource for everything bowhunting.  Top notch gear review videos, information packed Pro Staff blogs, and of course the best bowhunting products for sale are what make the p... [More]

Illinois Doe Down! Bowhunting Dream Come True

by Cody Altizer 4. October 2010 09:40
Cody AltizerWhen Todd Graf offered me the opportunity to move to Northern Illinois and work at the office, I jumped at the chance to live and breathe bowhunting in the Mecca of the whitetail world.  Growing up as a young boy in Virginia I dreamed of hunting giant Midwestern whitetails. ... [More]

Bowhunting Success Requires Adaptability

by Cody Altizer 27. September 2010 10:24
Cody Altizer   For the second straight weekend, Todd Graf and I headed north to Wisconsin in hopes of connecting on an early season whitetail on film.  For the second straight weekend, we worked our tails off to tip the odds in our favor of doing so.  Unlike last weekend, however, we came ba... [More]

Archery Opener in Wisconsin; Bowhunting The Early Season

by Cody Altizer 20. September 2010 10:18
Cody AltizerThe morning of Saturday, September 18th, began a new chapter in my short hunting career; the role of camera man.  Bowhunting.Com founder, Todd Graf, and I left Huntley, Illinois Saturday morning around eight and headed north to Central Wisconsin for the archery opener.  I was exp... [More]

How To: Taking Quality Bowhunting Harvest Pictures

by Cody Altizer 13. September 2010 14:07
Cody AltizerThere is an old cliché amongst deer hunters that following the harvest of a whitetail, “the real work begins.”  This is undoubtedly true; first there is the emotional roller coaster of following a blood trail.  Once we’ve recovered fallen animal, then comes the fie... [More]

Early Season Whitetails and Food Plots

by Cody Altizer 31. August 2010 08:49
Cody AltizerAs the Dog Days of summer begin to dwindle down to the early stages of fall, so my excitement and enthusiasm for the opening day of bow season rises.  As if it could rise any higher!  Opening day for some is just weeks away, but for most of us we still have to wait until October to ascend ... [More]

Creating A Whitetail Highway

by Cody Altizer 2. August 2010 10:29
Cody AltizerLet’s face it; the majority of us bowhunters live for hunting the rut, and for good reason.  Mature bucks are on their feet cruising for does during daylight hours making them extremely vulnerable and “easier”, if you will, to harvest.  Coinciding with their defenseless d... [More]

The John Feazell Buck - Virginia Archer Slams New State Record

by Cody Altizer 19. July 2010 10:18
Cody AltizerWhen John Feazell stood in the hunting department at Wal-Mart prior to the 2009 hunting season, he was faced with perhaps the biggest decision of his life.  Okay, not really.  But he was faced with the decision of whether or not to buy a new grunt call, not just any grunt call, the new Fle... [More]

The Quest for a Bottom Buck - Part 1

by Cody Altizer 6. July 2010 12:50
Cody AltizerStop me if you have heard this before, “We are currently living in the golden age of deer hunting.”  Yes, we certainly are.  Whitetail populations are in abundance and thriving thanks to conservation minded hunters while the species is the healthiest it has ever been.  Coi... [More]

What a Weekend! Trip to Northern Illinois a Dream Come True

by Cody Altizer 29. June 2010 10:43
Cody AltizerWhat a weekend!  When I left Virginia early Thursday morning, I don’t think it’s possible I could have imagined a more perfect trip to Northern Illinois.  I was looking forward to the trip west; driving through the mountains of West Virginia, across the Ohio River, through Indi... [More]

Update! 2010 G2G Going Strong; Bowhunters Galore!

by Cody Altizer 26. June 2010 08:37
Cody AltizerThe 2010 G2G is in full swing, and with over 40 archers coming out to shoot, we've had a blast thus far!  We have blessed with a beautiful sunny day (albeit a bit hot) and it didn't take long before the arrows began taking flight.  Our archers have participated in a sporting... [More]

Bowhunters Galore at the 2010 G2G- Live Updates from the Bow Shoot.

by Cody Altizer 26. June 2010 03:19
Cody AltizerThe 2010 G2G has officially begun!  Bowhunting's most loyal bowhunters have traveled all across the country to participate in a 3D shoot, pop-up shoot and just have some good ole fashion, bowhunting fun!  We're all set up and ready for a fantastic day, so stay tuned for upda... [More]

Gorilla Exo-Tech Safety Harness Review

by Cody Altizer 25. June 2010 06:02
Cody Altizer  As a youngster, my father effectively and understandably, drilled into my head the importance of safety while hunting.  Now, as I have grown older, safety is still my first priority when I go afield.  Furthermore, my first priority when bow hunting whitetails has always been tree st... [More]

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