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Join Justin Zarr and Todd Graf as they hunt the pre-rut in Illinois and are successful at harvesting two great whitetails on this episode of Bowhunt or Die, the #1 bowhunting-only web show. 


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Mid-October Bucks Go Down

Bowhunting the October Lull

Doe Madness!

Featured Product
Featured Product New for 2012, the Mathews Heli-m weighs in and a mere 3.5 pounds while still producing speeds over 330 fps. With a 30" axle to axle measurement and 7" brace height this bow is perfect for hunting in almost any situation.


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Jewel Women's Bow

Arrow Web T-Series Quiver

Forum Hot Topic
Forum Hot Topic Being alert and ready for action while in your stand is very important to being successful. So do you sit or stand more while perched up in a tree?


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High Shoulder Shot Failed

What is your Favorite Grunt Call?

Featured Product
Featured Product

When it comes to staying dry during a rainy hunt, nothing beats Gore-Tex. Proven to be one of the finest waterproof yet breathable materials for hunters, Gore-Tex is available in a variety of hunting apparel from jackets and pants to footwear and gloves.


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A common myth amongst bowhunters is that if your bow shoots fast enough you can prevent a deer from "ducking" your arrow. Pro Staffer Dustin DeCroo attempts to prove that wrong in this month's Featured Blog.


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Oct. Success | A Buck Named Hitch

In Season Scouting Pays Off

Featured Product
Featured Product With the rut in full swing and bucks cruising the countryside looking for hot does, there is no better time to use the world's #1 doe estrus lure than now! Pick up a bottle of Tink's #69 and lure in your next trophy.


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