Newsletter - October 2011
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Join Todd Graf on an exciting Wyoming elk hunt with good friends Todd and Angie Denny of Table Mountain Outfitters. On day 4 of the hunt Todd finally gets a shot at a nice bull and makes it count! 


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Featured Product Meant to trigger a buck's key weaknesses - dominance, reproductive and curiosity - Tink's Magnetics will attract bucks throughout the entire hunting season. This lure is a great choice for bowhunters looking for a great scent to use during early and mid October hunts.


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Scrape Dripper Combo Pack

Trophy Buck Lure

Forum Hot Topic
Forum Hot Topic In a perfect world we would have multiple encounters with deer each time we go hunting. However, in real life that's not always the case. So how many deer do you see each time you hit the woods?


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Featured Product If you're looking for the pefect way to capture your hunts on film without a cameraman, check out some of these great Point of View (POV) cameras from Whether you mount them to your bow, your hat, or your treestand you'll be able to capture all of the action as it happens.


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DSLR Cameras

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Successful scrape hunter Mike Willand provides some additional insight and tips for creating mock scrapes this fall. If done correctly a mock scrape can greatly increase your chances for success on a mature whitetail.


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Humbling Bowhunting Adventure

Featured Product
Featured Product

Wearing a safety harness of the utmost of importance while hunting from a treestand. The staff trusts our lives to the new Tree Spider Speed Harness. It is fast, easy, light and most importantly safe. Get yours today!


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