Antler Shield Vest 2.0

$60.00 $40.00


The original Antler Shield vests were great.   Soft, warm, stylish and pretty dang comfortable.  But what if we could make them even better?  Well, we did!  The Antler Shield Vest 2.0 is a bit thicker than the original, which means it’s even warmer.  And for those of us in places where it gets COLD during the winter, that’s a huge bonus!  Vests are charcoal (dark gray) in color and sport the Bowhunt or Die Antler Shield logo on front and BOWHUNTORDIE tag on the back.  They’re great for layering on cold weather hunts, wearing to the office on a chilly day, or when you’re out doing super manly things like chopping wood or boiling deer skulls in your wife’s stock pot.