Bowhunting News

Dave Altman's Possible Record Pennsylvania Buck

1 Min Read
Pennsylvania deer hunter Dave Altman is just a few days away from knowing what many already believe to be true. The Jefferson County native took a buck so big last November that it may break records. In fact, it may become the Keystone state’s new number

Get invisble - Get Tink's.

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Tink's B-Tech line of products ranks #1 over other leading brands in independent lab testing for eliminating bacterial human odor on contact.  B-Tech stands for Byotrol Technology, which has been proven to target and destroy the odors that instinctively s

West Virginia Deer Harvest Up 20 Percent Over 2010

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The tally of whitetail deer killed during the various 2011 hunting seasons jumped 20% over the numbers from 2010.  The DNR this week released the tally after collecting all check tags from game checking stations across the state.  Hunters bagged a total o

Use Your Binos and Rangefinders Simultaneously with Crooked Horn

1 min
The Crooked Horn RF Hook Up allows you to use your binoculars and rangefinders simultaneously with limited movement and noise. The Sidekick works for most compact hand-held rangefinders with a holster pocket size of 3”W x 1.5”D. Designed with Crooked Hor

Pine Ridge Archery adds Nitro String Loops for 2012

1 Min Read
The Nitro String Loop is made of low stretch, premium quality, braided material that is strong and durable so you don’t have to worry about your string loop breaking at the moment of truth or stretching, resulting in inconsistent shooting which can rob yo

NEW KillZone® Broadheads

1 min
For 2012, NAP is offering the new KillZone broadhead—a rear-deploying 2-blade broadhead offering a 2" cutting diameter. Featuring the same patented "spring clip" as the Spitfire family, you can hunt with confidence knowing that your blades

16-Year Old Seth Bisbee's NEW North Dakota Record Buck

2 Min Read
When 16-year old bowhunter Seth Bisbee set out on the first day of the 2011 North Dakota deer season, he probably never imagined how it would unfold. Just a few short days ago, this young man’s incredible bow-kill officially became the state’s NEW greates

Zombie Outbreak at the 2012 SHOT Show

1 Min Read
Zombie Industries, LLC, the leaders and original creators of the industry’s first Bleeding Tactical Mannequin Zombie targets and radical line of paper, cardboard skeet holding, and exploding targets will debut their entire line of disturbingly entertainin