Trufire Introduces The New Thrufire Release Aid

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Mastering form and function in a pull through release aid

Trufire Introduces New Thrufire Release Aid

Superior, WI – As an industry leader in the development of archery release aid design and technology TruFire® once again disrupts conventional thinking with the introduction of the new-for-2020 ThruFire™ release aid. Traditionally designed products rarely grab attention.

The new ThruFire is anything but traditional in both look and feel. The resulting wrist strap-style pull through design proves itself with enhanced accuracy and consistency both on the range, and in the field.

Archers have long-known a surprise release generated via back-tension or pulling through the shot is the best method to achieve an apex in consistency and accuracy.

Unfortunately, for many, there is a significant amount of anxiety that comes along with the thought of using a conventional handheld back tension or hinge-style release aid.

Meanwhile, traditionally-designed index finger release concepts deliver peace-of-mind, thanks to their secure wrist strap and simple-to-use trigger actuation system.

However, because most archers activate the trigger “on command” via punching, both accuracy and consistency are lost. Especially when extending to longer ranges.

The new ThruFire wrist strap-style pull through release facilitates the best of both worlds with an index finger actuated release aid, who’s hidden trigger system nearly eliminates the user’s ability punch the release.

Without cleanly pulling through the shot, the release will not activate. The result, is what all archers desire – a full surprise release with greater accuracy and consistency down range.

Trufire Introduces New Thrufire Release Aid

Unique in both its form and function the ThruFire delivers head-turning looks and feel thanks to a radical silhouette and uniquely designed release mechanism. Engaged by a manually-closed hook system a spring-tensioned sleeve exposes a trigger contained inside the release’s body structure.

Once attached to the bow string the user comes to full draw, then at full draw, the user places their shooting finger in the release’s C-shaped body frame.

From here, they begin the actuation process by pulling with back tension through the shot thus exposing the hidden trigger, situated within the release’s body.

It is nearly impossible to produce a command style or “punch” actuation. The key is for the user not to have their index finger inside the C-shaped frame during full draw as it will expose the trigger and possibly create an undesired premature release.

The ThruFires’ trigger features fully customizable travel modification for individual preference as well as the adjustment of trigger exposure tension from five to 30-pounds and should be set just slightly above the peak holding weight of the user’s bow when at full draw.

Available in two configurations, the ThruFire is offered for adults with a soft and ultra-comfortable premium leather strap or for youth with a durable and extremely adjustable brushed nylon strap.

Each option utilizes a hyper-adjustable and highly dependable nylon connection strap as well as TruFire’s exclusive TrapTab™ buckle system for effortless one-handed application.


Adult Premium Leather Strap $159.99

Youth Brushed Nylon Strap    $159.99

To learn more about the new ThruFire pull through release aid or TruFire’s entire line of release aids or other archery products please visit or to get social please follow  


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