Mathews® New 2020 TRX Series

By Brad KaufmannOctober 1, 2019

After another extremely successful year with the TRX series on the tournament trail, Mathews introduces the new TRX 36 and 40 to complete this line of world-class target bows.


At 36 inches axle-to-axle, the TRX 36 is for shooters looking for a shorter, lighter, bow at their draw length while the TRX 40 offers ultimate stability and forgiveness on the range. Both models offer a new 70 percent V-mod which gives shooters a deeper valley while the standard 80 percent mods remain an option. The TRX 36 has an IBO rating up to 334 FPS and the TRX 40 up to 329 FPS. Both models also share these new features:

AVS Bearings

Our new, ultra-strong bearings result in a more stable cam system which increases accuracy and consistency for the shooter.


Bridged Riser

The wider riser adds rigidity through the sight and rest mounting locations, while added cut-outs minimize weight.


Stabilizer Bushing

New enlarged diameter stabilizer bushing increases stiffness of shooters’ stabilizer set up, enhancing accuracy.


3D Damping

Reduces post shot vibration around all 3 axes stemming from the grip and improves balance.


“The TRX Series is already a powerhouse,” said Mathews Team Shooter, Levi Morgan. “These two new models with their enhancements will only improve the TRX’s proven performance. I can’t wait to put it to work.”


Go to for full specifications, finish options, and more information on the 2020 target line, and experience them at your local Mathews Retailer.

Brad Kaufmann
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