Tink’s Black Label Raises the Bar in Deer Lures

Looking for a better deer lure this hunting season? Tink’s has you covered. Their new Tink’s Black Label is raising the bar on quality when it comes to deer urine. This exclusive #69 Doe-In-Rut formula consists of 100% high-octane, premium doe estrus collected at the peak of a particular doe’s breeding cycle. Say goodbye to the concerns and questioning of whether the deer urine you use is legit. Tink’s Black Label comes with a label that’ll tell you exactly when it’s bottled.

tink's black label

Tink’s Black Label

The guys at Tink’s say that Black Label isn’t for the fly-by-your-seat kind of hunter. It’s for the hunter that always takes the game to the next level. It’s for the deer hunter that won’t settle for anything less than the best of the best. If you’re looking for the best in attractants and lures for deer hunting, look to Tink’s and the new Black Label product.

We plan and prepare for the rut all year long. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to key in on a buck’s single greatest drive at this time of the year with Tink’s Black Label.

Tink’s Black Label is offered in a 2-ounce bottle with a price tag of $24.99. Limited qualities will be available. Pre-order now for delivery starting on 9/1/2018.

See more on the complete product lineup from Tink’s at www.tinks.com.


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