BloodRUSH Broadheads Back in Stock

By Bow StaffMay 8, 2018

LAST UPDATED: August 14th, 2018

Broomfield, CO.: After a successful launch of the patented BloodRUSH broadhead to the archery market in early 2018, inventory levels at the ALLEN Company’s headquarters were depleted.  After receiving significant, recent inventory replenishments the company is now back to fulfilling orders in earnest.

“It can be difficult to judge the demand for a new and unique product design-even in a mature market.  In this case, we had severely underestimated the excitement that a revolutionary format could generate.  We would like to sincerely thank our customers for their patience,” states Doug Jenner; VP of Sales & Marketing.

As seen in archery market publications Inside Archery and Arrow Trade, the new name in blood loss with hyper-rate speed hemorrhaging design is called BloodRUSH. BloodRUSH broadheads are unique from other broadheads in two radical ways.  First, the ferrule of this revolutionary broadhead is machined with aircraft grade aluminum using a 26° twist.  This twist dynamic is effective at multiplying soft tissue displacement when either moving forward, or rearward, through the internal cavity of big game animals.  Secondly, by taking advantage of integral ferrule “blood ports” the process of blood loss (hemorrhage) is multiplied and enhanced as the blood fluid is displaced across a larger surface area.  This combination of both ferrule twist and port suction creates a scientific phenomenon similar to a whirlpool or fluid vortex.

BloodRUSH broadheads come in 3) 100 grain models including:

·       Fixed 3-Blade Design

·       Expandable 3-Blade Design

·       Hybrid 4-Blade Design

All models come standard with the following features:

·       Precision-Honed Steel Blades

·       Combination of Aircraft-grade Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Components

·       Needle-Puncture Broadhead Tip

·       Blade Retention Band (Expandable and Hybrid models)

·       Steel Blade Retention Collar with the Allen proprietary Tight-Grip System

You can see the BloodRUSH Broadhead in action by clicking on the link below:

YouTube Product Link:

The BloodRUSH Broadhead has an MSRP price ranging from $29.99 to $34.99.

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