Sportsmen’s Nation Announces New Western Hunting Podcasts

The Sportsmen’s Nation is proud to introduce the launch of the Sportsmen’s Nation Big Game/Western Hunting podcast feed. Theses podcasts revolve around hunting western big game species such as elk, mule deer, moose, antelope, and more. From hunting gear and equipment to hunting strategy and tactics, this lineup has content for everyone from seasoned hunters to beginners. You can find the RSS Feed anywhere you currently listen to podcasts. iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean just to name a few.


What We Do:

The Sportsmen’s Nation is a collection of podcasts dedicated to the men and women from all over North America whose life revolves around the outdoors. These podcasts are a true reflection of sportsmen and their love for hunting, fishing, and conserving these natural resources. Although we are passionate about the outdoors, we are also obsessed with the strategy of the hunt, the gear we use, and the land these animals call home.


Hard Working Hunter – Here at Hard Working Hunter we feel we relate to every common man and woman, because we are the common man. All of us are normal people who work hard all year around at our day jobs so we can take off that much needed time in the fall to go on epic hunting adventures. The western U.S is our playground and we try to hunt as many states and species as possible. This podcast is going to allow us to share at an even more in-depth level and allow us to break down our hunting strategies, gear preferences, as well as share some stories that didn’t make our film’s final cut!

Sahn Outdoors – A group of individuals, dedicated to providing valuable and entertaining information on nearly everything outdoors related. Being raised around the mountains of Utah, these three outdoorsmen have a deep-rooted love for the mountains, and the creatures that roam them. Each of them has a different background, personality, and group of skill sets, that when combined, create an unparalleled fun and adventure-filled experience! Through podcasting, SAHN aims to broaden their audience as they introduce several of their friends, ideas, and experiences.

Transition Wild Podcast – Moving from Michigan to Colorado to follow his dream of hunting western big game, host Adam Parr shares stories about his learning curve when hunting new species. Discussions include gear reviews, western hunting tactics, and interviews from some of the most seasoned western big game hunters out there. This podcast is perfect for both veterans and those looking to hunt the west for the first time.

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